Money draws, who wants it? When you have tons of cash, and you’re required to rinse with Single Malt Scotch or Bird’s Nest, there’s nothing to do but become free of it. And what’s the best way to do that than by paying it the most horribly high-priced rental choices? Bask in the extravagance of these units, which are also suitably situated where poor people can’t eliminate you in a right of rage:

1. Nouvel 18

nouvel 18 Facade

Nouvel 18

District 10, 18 Anderson Road, Singapore

4 Bathrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 6,125 sqft

$36,700 per month ($5.99/sqft)

We’re uncertain what the “18” in Nouvel 18 really means. Possibly it’s the address, or possibly it’s the sum of people in the state who has enough money to live there.

This property is an award-winning development, and the inner architecture is one of the most wonderful you’ll find anyplace. The unit is well-designed to permit for all-out natural light, and it shapes the division between outdoor and indoor space; although it’s fully bounded, the kitchen feels like it’s in the open. The outcome is particularly good-looking when it rains, and the great glass windows appears like waterfalls.

Nouvel 18 is well-known for its eight distinct sky terraces, so you can uphold that entire “my feet never have to touch the earth” ambiance. There’s also an in-house caretaker facility, so home care is never a struggle; you’ll be one of the fortunate few who can get a repairman for your air-con to come before your third sweat stain. In addition of attention is the aqua gym, which is quite exclusive among Singapore’s condominiums.

By car, you’d be an absolute ten minutes’ drive from the Central Business District. In terms of site, it is just a 10-minutes’ walk to Orchard Road. This is near as central as you can get, and the value reflects that.

2. The Oliv

The Oliv @ Balmoral

The Oliv

District 10, 11C Balmoral Road, Singapore

4 Bathrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 6,125 sqft

$32,000 per month ($5.22/sqft)

It’s valuable to live within your means and save money. So rather than spending $36,700 /month on rent, go spend as low as $32,000. As well, try eating foods that have only been moderately sprinkled with gold dust, as contrasted to absolutely being covered in it. Frugality is hard, we know.

At 6,125 sqft, this unit is large enough to securely house you, your family, loved ones, and half of Kanye West’s ego. This property is just about 10 minutes’ drive from the Orchard Road, and the neighboring Balmoral Plaza should be enough for minor retail needs.

The Oliv is also nearby to the Newton MRT station, and later the Newton Food Centre. At resident’s budget choice, the prawn noodles there should be just about inexpensive (for all of us, it’s a great thing we have easy and convenient access to a second loan agreement if we want to eat there).

3. Marina Bay Residences

Marina One Residences

Marina Bay Residences

District 1, 18 Marina Boulevard, Singapore

5 Bathrooms,5 Bedrooms, 3,972 sqft

$30,000 per month ($7.55/sqft)

This is an elegant 2-storey unit, situated in Singapore’s ritziest zone. This is where nightclub bouncers contrast the Rolexes they purchased with last week’s guidelines. As you can suppose, all the typical condominium amenities such as gyms and pools apply; but it’s the site that makes this unit stand out.

The major high spot of living here is, certainly, rapid access to the Marina Bay area. It’s got entertainment events, expensive eateries and one really awful food court (we ponder it’s just a plot to inspire you to eat at the restaurants). This site is also near to the Central Business District – around 8 minutes when driving car – but isn’t as overfilled as the close Robinson Road.

Note that numerous novelty events, such as the light festival and the new ArtBox event, incline to take place in the Marina Bay site. This keeps the environments interesting.

4. Ardmore Residence

Ardmore Residence

Ardmore Residence

District 10, 7 Ardmore Park, Singapore

4 Bathrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 3,186 sqft

$25,000 per month ($7.85/sqft)

According to the Emporis Skyscraper Award, Ardmore Residence is one of the high point 10 skyscrapers in the whole world (no hesitation a vital fact to our readers who give close consideration to this award, all two of you). More highly, this property has been one of the “high spot properties” ahead Orchard Road because its completion in 2013.

With its 24-hour home care provision (don’t fix a light bulb on your own again), and nearby to the Orchard shopping belt, this property is the baseline contrary to which all other luxury condominiums are measured.

Even though there are inexpensive rental units in the similar development (since we’re certainly talking about a budget-mindful demographic here) this distinct listing is one of the greater ones. If you have multiple pets or children, this one will outfit your lifestyle well.

5. The Colonnade

the colonnade

The Colonnade

District 10, 82 Grange Road, Singapore

5 Bathrooms, 5 Bedrooms, 7,000 sqft

$27,000 per month ($3.86/sqft)

This property is one of the most senior units in District 10, nevertheless it’s still a landmark property. The units all have dual ceilings, one of the primary developments in which this was completed (it was accomplished in 1986). The Colonnade is mainly well-known for its enormous balconies; these are huge enough to pull up a coffee and a chair, and stare over the distance. These days, designers only build shelves that large for air-conditioners.

At 7,000 sqft (2 levels), this is the non-landed rental unit that is really gigantic we’ve ever seen. It’s massive – we mean really, really, enormous. If 2 families of chimpanzees betrothed in a fight to the death in the lounge, you wouldn’t observe for 20 minutes up until you find from the couch at the other end. If you carpet it, you’ll perhaps burn out 3 vacuum cleaners a month.

On a per sqft base, this unit is… in fact inexpensive for the price – it’s certainly comparable to numerous mass market condominiums, in less reachable sites.
Being on Grange Road, occupants here are within 5-8 minutes’ drive of Tanglin Mall or Ion Orchard. It’s also kindly situated far enough that traffic noise and congestion isn’t a problem.