Career in Real Estate

Are you looking for a career in Real Estate? Rewarding? Flexible? Think again. Do you know the pros and cons in this career? Will this be the right career for you?

In real estate, working hours is normally flexible. That is, you do not have to report to anyone when or what are you working today at this hour. But however, you are your own boss in real estate. Hard work often are compensated with high remuneration. On the other hand, you determine what you choose to do and sell. You can choose to sell commercial or residential property.

A property agent income can range from $0 to more than a million. It depends on hard work and some luck play a part. Most importantly is about consistency. A lot of people choose to do property because the working hours are flexible and that is why their income is also “flexible” (this month can get paid, next month no pay).

A real property agent who chooses his career in real estate often work more than that of a normal 8 to 5 pm employee and often have to burn their weekend.

Pros and Cons in Real Estate

You are Your Own Boss

Pros: Running a career in like running your own business. You plan your budget, income, marketing plan, working hours and product to sell. Start up cost is low too.

Cons: You are an independent contractor. Nobody will “kick you” if you choose to sleep. One have to be self-motivated and discipline. You are also personally liable for any misrepresentation and legal law suit (if any). Role is like sole proprietor. You are your own account, marketing, sales and HR department. Work involved and working hours can be more tiring than that of a normal employee.

Good Income?

Pros: When you close a sales, you get majority of the sales like 80-20 or 90-10% of the commission. Your income isn’t limited by number of hours worked but by sales clocked in. The Sky can be the limit in real estate.

Cons: You have to plan your own cash flow. Planning budget and your daily expenses etc. Upon closing a sales, your commission will takes a while to arrive. Normally from 3 months to 6 months though there are cases of 1 year too. That why you have to plan your own daily expenses and bread and butter.

Flexible Hours?

Pros: You are not limited by 9 to 5 job or desk bound. Your hours are pretty flexible. You choose your own working environment and working hours. Be it in a cafe or office.

Cons: Alot of people want the income of a top property agent. but is not willing to commit to the working style and working hours committed by them. Its “Flexible”, but top agents normally put in more working hours than that of an employee. They often have to work over the weekend too or anytime when a phone call rings for appointment.

Why Real Estate is a Great Business?

This article meant to share the pros and cons of being a real estate agent rather than just gimmicks by just sharing the rewards of top agents. It is to share with you the both sides why real estate agent succeed or fail. It can be a difficult career for some or also rewarding for some on the other hand. An real estate agent has to be hardworking, self-motivated, honest and enjoy networking and helping people.

To an agent, a sales is simply a transaction. But to homebuyers, buying a property can be one highest ticket item purchased in a lifetime, a lifetime commitment. A good agent has to add value and assist their client in their search for dream home.

Income of real estate agent can be pretty stable once everything is in place. Of course, the most rewarding is own sales. But on top of that, one can get income from various sources like agent recruitment, bank referral, Interior Design referral, house moving referral etc.

If you understand these pros and cons of having a career in real estate and ready to commit, we welcome you on board. Simply fill up below form or give us a call at 6100 8806 and we will to back to you asap.


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