If you’re figuring out of whether to get a resale flat or BTO, there are a lot of resources and articles out there that can support. It’s a mutual decision that several first-time property holders deal with – and we spoke to seven of these property holders who expose the key factor that inclined their BTO vs resale choice.

The waiting time:

“I think it’s a pretty clear decision, but then I and my fiancé didn’t want to wait and pause for about 3 to 5 years before transferring into our flat – so we chose to get a resale flat. Meant for individuals in my age bracket, I guess this is pretty usual– it’s partners that get together indeed early on who choose to get BTOs.”

Josiah, 32, purchased a resale flat.

The location:

“Location is the whole lot to me – and I knew exact off the bat that I would consider somewhat live in a mature estate, although it means I have to pay additional. I mean, having nearby Melben Seafood and a lot more wonderful food places just in walking distance? That is absolutely priceless!”

Jason, 28, purchased a resale flat.

“We desired to stay near to my parents, so that we can be close in the time of any emergencies or tragedies. That automatically governed out all the BTO choices.”

Dorothy, 29, purchased a resale flat.

The affordability:

“I and my fiancé have a shared account that we use for investing, and we are really thoughtful about this. I would tell this is the key factor that inclined our choice – we would somewhat get an inexpensive BTO, so that we have extra cash on hand to stay on investing.”

Joshua, 27, purchased a BTO flat.

“We propose to have kids in the following year or so, and as soon as that happens, I’ll perhaps be taking a leave from work. Since this would mean we’ll be persisting on just my husband’s income for an undecided period of time, we chose to err on the cross of carefulness, and go for somewhat cheaper.”

Jasmine, 30, purchased a BTO flat.

The “clean slate”:

“My husband is just a slight OCD when it comes to the furnishings and design of a home, and he kept on pointing out the entire things that required to be fixed with the resale units that we were looking for. Sooner or later, we chose that it would be convenient to get a BTO flat, so that I and my partner would be staring from a fixed and clean plan.”

Nicole, 29, purchased a BTO flat.

The layout:

“We sense that the new BTO flats are well-designed a much better than the old flats. Just one thing, it is most suitable to have the shared toilet closer to the bedrooms, as different to being reachable only through the kitchen. Likewise, having a unified garbage dumping outside the unit benefits with hygiene and cleanliness.”

Guo Ming, 28, purchased a BTO flat.

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