Property Review collects and use customer data in order to update you with latest property news and also latest star buy and upcoming property launches, to provide user with one hand information so that they can choose their choice unit at the best price. It is also our objective to provide a user experience for all buyers in their property search.

The collection and use of customer data allows Property review to better recommend products that matches buyer requirements and needs. This privacy policy outlines Property review policy and responsibility in relation to the collection and use of data in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).


Customer data privacy policy statement

  • Type of Customer Data: personal data collected by property review include name, contact number, address, data of birth and other information regarding to their property search such as budget, IPA, family neclus etc.
  • Purpose of Collection and Use: Generally, Property Review collect data either directly via phone call or via online presence where you register for showflat preview, in order to provide you a service to match your property needs. Use of data include calling up to follow up, update you on new star buy and upcoming launches and also email latest edm.
  • Consent: In the course of property review performing VVIP Showflat Preview Registration, consent will be required from the customers that they allow property review to provide customer data so that they can propose the right property to match customer needs. Where required by law, Property Review will adopt an "opt-in" policy for getting customer consent such as filling up an online form and also an "opt-out" function to opt out anytime when you wish to.