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Getting a new roommate and companion always features a risky set of situations. You could possibly end up with a new mate, or you might just end up in a terrifying condition where you’re essentially stuck with somebody who doesn’t like you, you don’t like and whose only persistence in life appears to be pushing your buttons.
Think we’re overstressing? Think once more. Rendering to seven renters in Singapore, here are the worst companions and roommates that they’ve ever handle with:

The one who didn’t trouble with the bathroom:
“I still couldn’t find a female roommate, after viewing around for a few months. Subsequently I have 3 brothers, I supposed living with a guy wouldn’t be that worst. I was wrong. One night he came home so drunk and I’m pissed because he peed everywhere.”

Rachel, 29
The buy one, get one free:
“I supposed I was signing up to live with this guy, nevertheless his girlfriend happens hanging everywhere all the time, and she finally moved in. She hogged the toilet, ate my food and was usually very nasty to live with. I just thank God they already broke up afterwards– even though she did steal my frozen foods from the ref before leaving.”

Jacob, 28
The good-for-nothing:
“I’m by no means a well-ordered freak, but my former roommate certainly takes the cake when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. She’d have these huge cookouts with her colleagues and use each single plate and container in the room, then let it to stew in the sink for times continuously. She leaves her wet clothes sit in the washing machine for, around, five days and then got angry when I place her clothes in the dryer for her.”

Maria, 32

“I comprehended my Harry Potter DVDs were lost, and asked my former-roommate if he had seen them. He coolly told me that since those were “offensive” he threw them out weeks before.”

Joseph, 28
The desperate one:
“This former-roommate of mine seemed 100% typical, up until the first time I had a female friend over. He totally transformed from a laid back, cool guy into a super sycophantic guy, and tried to make the moves on her. The following day, I in fact caught him of using my Facebook account (that was unclosed on my laptop) to collect intel on her and stalk her.”

Miguel, 31
The one with multiple boyfriends:
This is more of a strange roommate story than a nastiest roommate one – nevertheless my former-roommate was dating roughly like 4 guys at the same time, and no one of them knew about each other. I was clueless how she be intelligent to pull it off – all I know was that it was tiring getting their names straight as well as hearing each of them chatter on about just how they were certainly eager to spend time with such an “beautiful” girl well… obviously, didn’t support that I was single AF at that while.”

Jazleen, 29
The one on the diet:
“My former roommate proclaimed that she was going on a juice cleanse – and I in my view don’t think these cleanses seem sensible, but whatsoever, it’s her life, correct? Then she pronounced to demand a ban on foods in the room after 8pm so that she wouldn’t become hungry. That’s correct. At the same time as she was doing her cleanse, nobody of us could get takeout or cook, or have a little sort of food after 8pm. I now and then think she was Hitler, revived.”