As the new year of 2020 entered, a new potential for developers have been foreseen coming for the years 2020-2021. This came from broker’s perspective after the recent successful mergers and acquisitions or M&As. DBS Group Research find an outstanding opportunity for an exemplary return on equity or ROE for developers.

This is also attributed to the continues M&A as well as the recycling of assets that gradually continues through the past years. It will also contribute to a nice raise on net value asset (NAV) in the coming years.

There is more than just that. With a diverse selections of developers who have different plays in their strategies, the brokerage selection include City Developments Limited (CDL) and CapitaLand. Having their target expenses raised the brokerage maintains “buy” scheme on each developers.

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Target Price Raised

City Developments Limited raised its target price from a low $11 to $13 which is an increase of 19%. While CapitaLand increased its target price from $4 to $4.50, a 21% rise.

A new generation of growth through Singapore real estate is expected upon the merger completion of Capitaland-Ascendas-Singbridge to successfully have a stable ROE according to the brokerage.

According to the brokerage, CapitaLand has an excellently fast execution strategy for recycling assets which puts Singapore along with Japan and China on deck for this year 2020.


Risk Factors and the Continuous Recovery of Singapore Property Market

A key factor that can be a risk factor in this industry depends on the Asian economy. If there is a slow down, specially China, this factory could muffle the housing demand and consumption of private properties.

Another factor to be considered a risk is the alteration of the government on the property market, which is believed to attain a negative conception to City Developments Limited’s stock. As per Rachel Tan and Derek Tan, DBS analysts, CDL have achieved a beyond-expectation-sale-through with a 50% rate on over all its launches despite a weak inclination.

Following a decline on country’s property market supply that started in 2018, the industry have been noted to continuously recover for the second consecutive year. It is anticipated that the residential stratum will hold the fort with the intervention from the government if there will be a fast increase in prices.

Brokerage have been monitoring the strategies for home upgraders that could greatly benefit from the latest policy measures for the improvement of the affordability for household.

As of Thursday at 10:38 AM, City Developments Limited shares have been trading with a 0.5% high at $11 and CapitaLand’s shares is also at 0.5% higher with a $3.77 price.