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Wealth relate to a person's entire assets, such as hard cash money and also their property, exclusing all their financial obligations, such as lendings and also home mortgages. Income, or their profits from job, is added to their heap of riches.

The Gap in between the Wealthy and the poor is broadening, as well as in countries like Singapore, it is significantly being acknowledged as a cause for problem as it develop stress and it will develop issues in Society.

8 Factors to consider about Singapore's riches space. (Watch the episode below.).


1. Rose of Family Wealth

According to SingStat, the House Sector Equilibrium Sheets checks out the liabilities and also assets of Singaporeans, excluding oversea assets. Singapore's house net wealth was S$ 700 billion in 2005 as well as it expanded to greater than S$ 1,500 billion in 2015.

Compared with the world, Singapore's wealth increase at a much faster pace with Singapore's wealth raised by 2.2 times, while the United States' riches grew by 1.4 times, after making up rising cost of living.


2. Housing Boom in Singapore

Rose in Singapore Wealth is partially caused by rise in worth of Singaporean housing boom. As the real estate prices rise, you see asset rising as well, coupled with Singapore's low taxes and also stability in the area. This has attracted foreign investors to park their wealth here through depositing in Fixed Deposit in local bank as well as buying properties here in Singapore. This is popular especially from foreigners in Malaysia, China and Indonesia.



3. Rise of the Middle Income

Singapore average wealth was $140,000 in 2015, that make the ratio of singapore wealth gap 1 : 2.72. This ratio is a measurement for wealth inequility.

This Average Wealth refer to the assets owned for those who are above 20 year sold in line with their wealth, from least to most wealthy. 


4. Singapore's wealth gap is narrower 

Overall, Wealth gap in Singapore is lower as compared to the other countries like Sweden, United States and Switzerland. 

The world Wealthiest country, United States has a welath ratio of 1:7.09 while sweden is 1:5.42

Counteries that are close to Singapore include Japan and Australia with Ratio around 1:2



5. 80-20 rule

Most of the wealth in Singapore is owned by the 20% population. However, only the top 1% of the 20% is multi-billionaires and own private jets and yatch and most of the top 20% still making a decent living with monthly mortgages.


6. Not much changes over last 5 years in Wealth Distribution
Singapore Wealth segement hasn't gone much changes of the past 5 years in the 20% segement.


7. Increasing in Wealth Inequility

Stagnant in Wealth distribution may not be ideal on the fact that Wealth in Singapore more than doubled over the past 10 years. This translate to the wealth own by the top 20 likely will be rising faster than the 80%.


8. Social Mobility

For young adults, only 14% from the poorest 10% household climn to the top 20% income earners. This is the highest ratio in the world as compared to US and UK.