The Residences @ WThe lakeside property is the ideal place to invest for water-loving property buyers. Wake up to a refreshing sea breeze with breathtaking sea views from your own stagnant water source. Probably not an attractive proposal for distinguished property investors, but for numerous people in Asia this is the actuality of everyday life.

From Habitat for Humanity, a new Australian satirical website has been launched to provide discouraged property searchers plus several light reliefs to shines the light on a serious housing crisis of a different form. In Sydney, the average house price has reached the unmatched high of AUD$811,837. Supposing this price could build 200 houses in Cambodia and 400 in Nepal, there are millions living in terrible conditions, and this number is increasing.

The pleasures of ‘waterfront’ and ‘alfresco’ living are on offer for only a few thousand dollars on a phony real estate site – The Real Value of Housing. Martin Thomas, Habitat for Humanity Australia, Chief Executive Officer said, “The reality is that these ‘homes’ portray substandard housing that punishes millions of families all over Asia Pacific to live in disease and poverty without access to safety water, sanitation or even a locking door,”

“We’re not trying to make people feel guilty or ignore the very true housing problems in Australia. However, sometimes it is nice to observe around at some of the challenges different people are facing.” He added.

The Real Value of Housing by the Department of Foreign Affair and Trade (DFAT) is promoting awareness of the increasing rate of slums and the need for comfortable housing.

Habitat for Humanity is the world’s largest not-for-profit housing supplier, targeting to provide affordable and safe homes to over 15 million people in Asia Pacific by the year of 2020, and also pursue another 10 million as advocates, supporters and volunteers.

It costs only S$3,000 to build a house in different parts of Asia for a poor family and thousands of from all over Southeast Asia volunteer every year to help build houses to be part of the organizations’ Global Village program.

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