As Executive Condominium or often known as EC is a hybrid of public and private housing, it is governed under the regulation of HDB. Below are some guidelines to access your eligibility.

Family Neclues

Same as HDB, all Executive Condo appliants must form a family necleus

  • Fiance / Fiancee Scheme
  • Joint Singles Scheme
  • Orphan Scheme
  • Public Scheme: You and your spouse (as a family)


Income Ceiling

Combined Household income should not exceed $16,000


Private Property Ownership

You, your spouse or other applicants must not have dispose or own any private property within 30 days before the date or application and the date of taking possesion of the EC Unit.



Applicant must be Singapore Citizen. In the event of family necleus, ast least one must be Singapore Citizen


Age Group

All applicants must be more than 21 years old at the time of application. For Joint Singles scheme, both must be more than 35 years old.


DBSS / HDB Owners / Ex-owners of HDB / Existing EC Owners

Each Singapore Family household will be allowed twice to buy subsidize flat from HDB. The subsidize flat include

  • new EC direct from developer
  • DBSS Flat from developer
  • Flat Direct from HDB
  • Resale flat with CPF Housing Grant

Existing HDB / EC Owners who dispose their property have to wait 30 months before that are allwo to buy their next executive condominium from developer.

Executive Condominium Eligbility Flowchart


Conditions after Executive Condominium Purchase

Any existing home owner will have sell their HDB within 6 months when their new EC received TOP.

Any new EC purchase will be considered as enjoying a housing subsidy when buying new EC direct from developer.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years apply upon TOP before u can sell it in open market. The first 5 years upon TOP, owners can sell to Singaporeans. After 10 years, the EC will be condo status and can be sell to foreigners.

If you happen to sell your EC in the open market, you will have to wait for 30 months before you can buy next new flat from HDB or EC from Developers.

Resaly levy of $55,000 will apply if you buy a second subsidised flat from hdb after selling your EC if you have bought it under CPF housing Grant. There’s won’t be any resale levy if the next purchase is not a subsidised flat from hdb.

EC owner also cannot invest in private residential property with the 5 years MOP period.


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