tiong Bahru Rezone

Urban Redevelopment Authority announced for some areas that will be rezoned such as the Tiong Bahru from a residential rezoned to residential mixed with commercial around Ist floor or 1st storey, July 24, Tuesday.

The real estate development holds 800 homes plus 120 legitimate businesses around the first level of residential properties, and wherein land zoned, which means, residential mixed with commercial at 1st floor over 50%.

There are at least 28 units in areas considered land zoned “residential, but the said areas are utilized by businesses per approval of the authorized agencies over past regime. These areas which are considered a significant part of the real estate development and often can be seen around Eng Watt Street and Eng Hoon Street.

URA reported that it will only entertain or accept these operational businesses and rezone the areas from residential transforming to residential with commercial, the first floor only after the locals’ review which manifested the residents are in favour and agreeable on estate vibrant attitude.

Rezoning the area was vividly documented in the Master Plan, where it stated that commercial purposes are permitted in the vicinity of the property.  This somehow opted the URA’s commitment to support the glamorous landscape while at the same time, experiencing and confirming that  Tiong Bahru neighbourhood as a residential estate.

It is a plus that this suits some businesses that work well in units tailored for residential use only.

The URA deals with more or less 15 businesses such as the art galleries, yoga studios and offices utilizing the units which are for residential purposes to address whatever infringements under a system of reasonable timeframe.

Part of the occupants was given a notice in advance for their unexpected infringements.

It is part of the policy for Small Business and home offices, tenants, owners or occupants can freely continue their business operation provided they live there

“URA appealed to the affected business owners, tenants to cooperate and be involved to solve infringements.”