christmas house
Christmas is just a few days away and you are in your new home, you might be lost on how to make your Christmas memorable in your new home. Here are few interesting ideas to make the first Christmas memorable in your new home.
You have moved to your new home and you have not invited your friends and family in your home. Christmas is here and it is high time that you invite people to your home for house warming party. Christmas can be a wonderful time to through a house warming party. 

You are throwing a party in your new home this Christmas. You can make it interesting by having a themed party. How about fancy dress theme, mask theme, color theme? You can ask your guest to come in fancy dress, wear certain colored dress, or put on interesting masks. Theme Based Parties are always memorable. Make sure to take pictures, or selfie, during the party. You can also use props while taking pictures to give interesting twist to your photos. You can upload these pictures on social media.

Your first Christmas party in your new home can become memorable if you have party games. You can have magic show, board games, card games, truth or dare game etc. You can also make your party interesting by having prizes for best dress, best entertainer etc.

If you have a large area in your home, you can even play outdoor games and have fun.  You can have contests as well. 
Cocktails and Mocktails For the Christmas Party Drinks are essential in Christmas parties. Instead of offering simple alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks such as vokda, rum, whiskey, coke, fanta you can offer interesting cocktails and mocktails. Instead of offering beer, how about mixing beer with coke and creating sandy. You can mix juice and carbonated drinks with alcoholic drinks to create cocktails. For teetotallers, you can offer peppermint hot chocolate.You donít have to be an expert bartender. A simple drink recipe book can help you. 

Your Christmas party can become a music party if you organize a karaoke night. You and your guests can not only sing all the Christmas songs that you know by heart,but also popular songs and your favorite songs. You can sing on the music tracks or have a jamming session.  You donít need the entire karaoke instruments or music instruments, just a music track CD or guitar for karaoke and jamming. You can download few karaoke apps on your hand held device and get to singing. 

Watching movies can be fun during Christmas parties. You can select few movies, invite people to your house, have drinks and snacks during the show, and later have the dinner. You can watch the new movies as well as all time favorite movies such as Love Actually. 

Are you ready with your perfect Christmas party? Enjoy! Drink Responsibly!