Stirling Residences

Nature inspired God-given wonder of Singapura that defines and mirrors the setting over its Queenstown neighbourhood, Stirling Residences is one of the best examples of how a property layout can be motivated by a landscape having a theme of building a laze neighbourhood- style culture for the huge or individual residents.

Built via the collaboration of property development icons Logan-Nanshan, the epicurean Stirling Residences showcases meticulously thought- out the layout ethics that tailors a restored environment by preserving existing area elements. Arranged for its completion by 2021, the property development garnered the Best Private Condo Architectural Design during 8th annual PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, Singapore in October of 2018. P&T Consultants, the prestigious development architects and interior engineers, the Ecoplan Asia, which is the brilliant landscape designers are involved in this inspiring success story. 

The head of Atelier Ten, Henry Woon, the expert in environmental architectural consultancy is one among this year’s jurors. He gave emphasized how a property architectural layout syncs in and build up natural landscape.

” Stirling Residences manifest modern and lavish assimilation over tropical architecture along with its innovative landscaping, elevated units and attractive sky gardens. An adorable addition over the skyline pointing significance to the full experience of overlooking and distant panoramic views of the blue seas. Stirling Residences excelled because of conservation of rain trees and the implementation of landscaping along with children’s nursery. The different topographies was used during construction and design thus opening a chance for easy access at various heights without major excavation.”

Three developments which stood in 38 and 40 storeys, holds1, 259 units, and high-end facilities set that reach to 80 around three outdoor zones: The Tropical Forest, The Fern Forest and The Rain Forest, all come in a plot size of more than 227,000 sq ft. units, which anchors penthouses of one- to four-bedroom, stood on an elevated ground to preserve area integrity, avoid adverse effects around the local neighbourhood and permits more facilities and immense landscaping. Meantime, the actual contours are smartly integrated with architectural layout and landscaping to building a natural and balanced lifestyle environment.

Water amenities, forest trails, pavilions, communal hub spaces, a stargazing lawn and a safe canopy walk adds to the total theme of building an oasis which syncs over site’s laid-back. Stirling Residences defines modern life, harmonizing responsibility and leisure, where the modern design connects with nature. Thus it demonstrates how architectural design blends the brilliance of the breathtaking landscape, forming lines that enhance more space, light and Zen-like atmosphere.

There is like a touch of resort extravagance and spa spoiling that is experienced by using abstract designs, contrasting elements and creation of finely crafted landscape areas. This, together with an elevated position plus the eminence of the luxurious Stirling Residences yields nearly to a poetic architectural masterpiece. The language of the state-of-the-art architecture defines a serene, whimsical yet powerful city-fringe community surrounding Stirling Residences. The breathtaking 18 sky terraces plus two lashing roof gardens, blend with sophisticated interiors which add natural light, more space, maintain Logan – Nanshan’s architectural layout narrative interior and exterior for homeowners to experience and enjoy being close to nature.