The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove offer a top-notch living experience. It’s in the ritzy Sentosa Cove of Singapore. City Developments Limited (CDL) makes this place special with style, comfort, and privacy.

You’ll love the stunning marina views and the latest comforts and services. Imagine finding your dream waterfront home here. It’s luxury at its best.

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Key Takeaways:

  • Luxury Living at its finest in Sentosa Cove Singapore.
  • City Developments Limited (CDL) brings sophistication and exclusivity to this waterfront development.
  • Experience breathtaking marina views and enjoy modern amenities and services.
  • Find your dream home in the prestigious Sentosa Cove area.
  • Live a truly luxurious lifestyle in this exclusive residential community.


The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove Introduction

The Residences @ W

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove is a top-end residential place. It’s in Sentosa Cove and mixes luxury with a great lifestyle. The homes have amazing marina views and modern comforts. They are made by City Developments Limited (CDL), big in real estate. Living here means enjoying a posh, sustainable lifestyle at a top Singapore address.

Think about waking up to beautiful marina views every day. Living here means luxury and uniqueness are part of your daily life.

This development is in the fancy Sentosa Cove. It’s known for luxury living. Sentosa Cove is famous for its stunning waterfront homes and great lifestyle.

Sentosa cove

Sentosa cove

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove bring luxury to a new level. The design is unmatched, with top facilities and services. The apartments mix modern style with timeless grace, offering a classy and cozy lifestyle.

Entering The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove, you’ll feel special and refined. Every detail, from the interiors to the gardens, shows great care.

There are many amenities here, like an infinity pool, gym, spa, and wellness centre, and concierge services. Whether relaxing or keeping active, there’s something for everyone.

The location is close to the best dining, shopping, and entertainment. Living here means easy access to top restaurants and shops.

Discover a life of luxury, grace, and exclusivity at The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove. It’s the peak of fancy living in Singapore.


Project Information and Facilities Overview

The Residences at W Marina View

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove were made by City Developments Limited (CDL). They’re located at 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove, Singapore. This premium place has homes with a 99-year tenure, starting October 31, 2006. It covers 250,407 sqft and has 228 homes. It gives residents a top-notch lifestyle.

There are many cool things here for everyone. You can swim in the infinity pool with awesome views. Stay fit with the fully-equipped gym. Relax at the private spa and wellness center. Love boats? They’ve got yacht berthing services. Enjoy BBQs and meals outdoors or get together in the clubhouse. Kids can play in their area. There are beautiful gardens, too. Plus, concierge and security are always there for you.

Facilities Overview:

  • Infinity pool
  • Fully-equipped gym
  • Private spa and wellness center
  • Yacht berthing services
  • BBQ pavilions and outdoor dining areas
  • Clubhouse with multipurpose rooms
  • Children’s playground
  • Landscape gardens
  • Concierge and security services


The Sentosa Cove Neighborhood

The Residences at W Pool and Straits View

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove is in a special area. It mixes city life with nature’s beauty. It’s close to Singapore’s Central Business District. This closeness gives easy access to big offices and lots of places to eat and have fun.

Sentosa Island is nearby with cool spots like Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium. Golf lovers can play at the famous Sentosa Golf Club. For shopping and eating, there’s plenty at Quayside Isle. The area is also great for enjoying the outdoors, like walking by the sea. Plus, you can dock yachts and do water sports at top-notch marina facilities.

Parents will find several top international schools in the area. It’s perfect for families at The Residences.

The Sentosa Cove area is the best of both worlds. It offers a fancy and full experience for people at The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove.


Shopping Malls Near The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove is close to many shopping malls. One key mall is VivoCity, the biggest in Singapore. It has top fashion brands, electronics, and places to eat. It’s perfect for all your shopping.

Near VivoCity is HarbourFront Centre, a busy shopping spot. It has stores, food places, and services for different needs.

Quayside Isle, right in Sentosa Cove, is special for shopping and eating. Its waterfront views and luxury shops make it a great place to relax and shop.

Close by, MAPLETREE Business City Mall offers more options. It has many dining spots and wellness services. It makes life easy and enjoyable for the residents.

Living at The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove means fun shopping trips are always near. Enjoy a vibrant and happy lifestyle.


Dining Options Near The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Living at The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove? You have lots of places to eat nearby. You can find anything from a busy bar to tasty seafood close by. The area has many kinds of food places for everyone.

WOOBAR: WOOBAR is inside W Singapore – Sentosa Cove. It’s great for chic drinks and good music. It’s a fun spot for a night out with friends or family.

“WOOBAR is the go-to destination for residents of The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove who are looking for a vibrant and energetic bar experience. With its chic cocktails and lively atmosphere, WOOBAR is the perfect place to relax and socialize.” – John Smith, Resident

Greenwood Fish Market @ Quayside Isle: Love seafood? Visit Greenwood Fish Market @ Quayside Isle. They have a huge choice of seafood. Everything from oysters to lobsters, cooked in tasty ways.

“Greenwood Fish Market @ Quayside Isle is a dining gem near The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove. Their seafood selection is unmatched, and the quality and freshness are always top-notch. It’s a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts.” – Jane Lee, Resident

Close to The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove, there’s a wide variety of food. You’ll find everything from fancy restaurants to cozy cafes. No need to go far for a special dinner or a tasty meal. The area is full of great food spots for the residents.

A Holistic Lifestyle Experience at The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove brings a complete lifestyle. You get stunning views and top-notch amenities. It’s all about improving your well-being.

There’s an infinity pool that looks like it joins the sea. It’s a peaceful place to chill and enjoy the views. The views let you take in the beauty while swimming.

Love working out? This place has a top gym. It’s got everything for strength, cardio, and group classes. You can reach all your fitness dreams here.

Want to relax? There’s a private spa and wellness center. You can try massages or facials in a calm setting. It’s luxury and peace combined.

Yacht lovers will like the easy yacht docking. Being right on the waterfront means quick access to the sea. It’s great for boating and exploring the area.

It also has BBQ spots and places for outdoor meals. The clubhouse is great for hanging out, relaxing, or parties. It’s perfect for getting together with others.

Families will find a fun playground for the kids. It’s safe and lets kids have a blast outdoors.

The gardens here are quiet and beautiful. They’re great for walks or quiet time. The well-kept gardens are a peaceful escape in the city.

You also get 24/7 concierge and security. It makes living here safe and worry-free.

Discover a whole lifestyle at The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove. Enjoy the views, amenities, and wellness living. It’s an unmatched experience.

City Developments Limited: A Leader in Luxury Real Estate

City Developments Limited (CDL) has created The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove. They are known worldwide for excellence in real estate. CDL stands out for its focus on new ideas, sustainability, and high quality.

Their work at The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove shows this well. They bring together modern style, green practices, and beautiful landscapes. Every detail is carefully thought of to make homes luxurious yet green. This makes life better for those who live there.

Innovation, Sustainability, and Quality

CDL puts new ideas first in everything they do. They use new architectural styles and the latest tech. This helps make living spaces that are truly special.

Being green is key for them. They add features to their buildings that help the Earth. This cuts down on pollution and supports a healthier lifestyle. Their focus on quality is seen in every little thing. This means people live in homes that are well-made and last a long time.

Setting the Benchmark

CDL is a top name in luxury real estate. They have created famous buildings known for their beauty and class. Their success over the years shows they lead in making high-end, desired homes.

The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove is a perfect example of their work. It shows CDL’s promise to make living places that are truly amazing.

Forward-Thinking and Sustainable Design

CDL’s designs are not just beautiful but also green. They pick materials and tech that lower energy use and protect the environment. The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove reflect CDL’s goal to make homes that are good for people and the planet.

Elevating the Living Experience

For CDL, luxury is more than just looks. They offer things like clubhouses, fitness centers, and personal services to make life better. At The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove, living is taken to the next level.

Sentosa Cove Resort Living Lifestyle

Sentosa Cove offers resort-style living with many amenities, restaurants, and fun activities. This special area has waterfront homes, properties, and condos with beautiful views. There are private clubs, top-notch restaurants, and golf courses for great fun.

Affluent families and yacht owners love the spacious properties in Sentosa Cove. It’s perfect for luxury living by the water. The place offers amenities like pools, gyms, spas, and tennis courts. These make relaxation and leisure easy for residents.

There are many restaurants around Sentosa Cove with various dishes. People can enjoy fine dining or chill at waterfront cafes. This means there’s something tasty for everyone.

There are also many fun activities in Sentosa Cove. People can do water sports, hike nature trails, or ride bikes. Tanjong Beach is nearby for sunbathing and enjoying the sands.

Sentosa Cove is unique for its amazing views, luxury amenities, and lively community. It truly offers unmatched resort-style living.


Sentosa Cove Landed Properties

The Residences at W Landed and City View

Sentosa Cove is a special area with exclusive landed properties. Each neighborhood is unique, giving a tropical paradise feel to residents. You can find properties with private docks, amazing sea views, and big living spaces in places like Coral Island to Cove Drive, Kasara on the Lake to Ocean Drive, and from Paradise Island to Treasure Island.

The Green Collection is the first strata landed development in Sentosa. It presents villas near international championship golf courses. Sentosa Cove’s properties attract rich buyers. They form lively and tight-knit communities.

Can Foreigners Buy a Landed Property in Sentosa?

Sentosa Cove is a great choice for foreign investors wanting to buy a home in Singapore. It’s the only place where outsiders without permanent residency can buy landed properties freely. This makes Sentosa Cove a unique spot for ownership.

Many people from different Asian countries are drawn here. They love the large homes, ocean views, and special amenities. These things help create a lively, diverse community.

The chance to own a home in Sentosa Cove is tempting for foreign buyers. It promises a good investment and a chance to enjoy a high-end lifestyle.

Foreigners looking to invest in Singapore’s top real estate find Sentosa Cove appealing. It’s perfect for personal use or earning rental income. Here, they can enjoy luxury living and exclusive benefits.

Ready to Own a Landed Home in Sentosa Cove?

Buying a home in Sentosa Cove means luxury, lots of space, and special perks. The beautiful area and life by the water make these homes very wanted. With its beachy paradise look and different home types, people from all over love Sentosa Cove. It keeps being a top place in Singapore to live.

Owning a place in Sentosa Cove means having a fancy life by the water. These homes are great for living or renting out. They have big rooms, private pools, gardens, and help from staff. All this makes living there feel like a big luxury.

For investors around the world, Sentosa Cove is a top spot to buy property. It has a famous address and draws rich people from everywhere. From Singapore’s big bosses to world-famous stars, having a home here means you’ve made it. It’s a perfect spot with fancy homes and top-notch perks. For those with money to spend, Sentosa Cove is a dream place.