A joint statement has been released by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) and Ministry of Health (MOH) that within the next few subsequent days they will be testing workers who are given a stay-home notice.

There are around 4,800 workers from the Ministry of Manpower or MOM were issued with stay-home notice as a part of precautionary steps following the results of 58 Covid-19 related cases that were found linked to the Sungei Tengah Lodge cluster.

construction works

They are expected to determine who among these about 4,800 workers with traces of previous infections is now no longer contagious and will be released from their stay-home notice and resume work.

Workers that are found positive will then be sent to a community care facility or hospital and provided the necessary medical care and treatment.
For those who will yield negative results will be sent to a centralized facility to be quarantined to avoid the spread of the virus to the rest of the community.

According to the statement, those staying at the Sungei Tengah Lodge haven’t been in close contact with known COVID positives or have recovered recently. These workers will have a go signal to resume work and don’t need or require isolation.


As for the workers who have not recovered recently will be required to undergo rostered routine testing.

It was also revealed in a joint statement that the BCA has issued safety timeout notices for 20 construction projects following the reports that some of their workers have yielded Covid-19 positive results.

The move allows the disinfection of infected areas and allows the onsite safe management to have a review of the areas.

Safety management plans are required to be reviewed by builders to rectify or make necessary improvements to lessen the possibility and risk of spreading the virus. In the event that a worksite has been identified with COVID-positive workers, authorities will issue an order to stop work.

Additionally, BCA is stepping up inspections and audits that are currently active while closely monitoring the worksites. They also mentioned that through their regular Safety Management Officers dialogue and briefing sessions, they will continuously share the inspection findings and best practices with the contractors on worksites.

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