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Purchasing a property which can be rented out is the best strategy done by a property investor. You are gaining an income via the rentals of the renter the moment you hold that ownership. Having such case, the monthly amortization is already covered plus you are able to save time and effort in finding a good tenant. But don’t be an impulse buyer,  ask first yourself the following to avoid some trouble in purchasing a property with tenants. If disposing of property with tenants, some guidelines to keep you on track and have that seamless closing transaction.


How long has the latest tenant been occupying the place?

In cases where tenants have occupied the place for the longest time, there is this big possibility that they like and learn to love the place and if implementing the new system like a new mode of payment would not be a problem. They would be agreeable to any scheme or policy. Also moving connotes some bad vibes, such as the tedious packing of stuff and also getting used with the neighbours. Thus, the longer the renter-occupied, the longer lease is expected to be renewed.

If the tenant stayed for a short span of time only or short leases are already noticeable in this home, then this calls for some investigation, ask why? Some considerable reasons might be there, such as the occupants are students in the waiting list for the dorm rooms but try to ask yourself, if such case will be okay since that’s likely the major demographic.

 A sound tip in selling property with tenants:  If you are residing few steps only from a long -staying renter, highlighting this with the buyer during showing can help motivate a buyer to buy such property.


How does the tenant react to what is happening?

Prior to buying the property, plan a quick simple discussion with the seller, the existing tenant and you. You will decide if you will listen to the tenant’s case and answer their needs and if they will be happy having those expectations as their newest landlord.

The seller must see to it that details like the compromise they’ve agreed with the tenant like a more reduced rental rate for advance payment and those unpaid utility bills of the tenants.

Look for a compromise that yields a higher rent. Sometimes it is just okay for tenants to pay above the regular amount after hearing landlord’s promises like regular cleaning or updating internet via fibre optic installations. More or less, tenants will stick to the monthly rates if you will not fulfil the past landlords’ promises.

If it comes to a point where you can’t establish eye to eye contact with your tenant, offer an option so they can have the chance to pack their stuff and have another tenant. Thus, this will guarantee a smooth endorsement prior to the final processes in buying. Don’t be in hurry at buying and end up in chaos.

A sound tip in selling property with tenants: Start the so-called, “three-way conversation.” Increasing buyer’s involvement could help in the fast flow of the transaction or deal and this signifies a motivated seller. 


What were the unwritten policies or rules created by the past landlord?

Reviewing the old TA or Tenancy Agreement, and coining a new one, is easy. But what is compelling is to check for those unwritten rules that have been observed by the previous tenants.

For instance, the seller can tolerate the tenant who smokes inside their homes, though it breaks the rules of TA. A few of the landlord allows tenants to replace existing furniture along with a fast text message thus inventory list may not be in sync with the actual recorded contents of the said house. Such concerns must be explained thoroughly to the tenants, so your expectations would be understood vividly.

For properties with unrelated occupants such as students, explained well on the process that will work for them. For instance, figure out how they deal with the utility bill. If one has a home based job and stays at home 24 hours and turns air -conditioner, is the bill split evenly or one must pay higher than the other? Being aware of the details such as this yields a smooth relationship preventing conflicts in the future.

A sound tip in selling property with tenants: Inform the tenant that even unwritten rules or policies may not be adopted by the new landlord.  Then just be sure that tenants will be occupying the place without these compromise. To prevent that buyer-seller disputes, you won’t agree with a promising tenancy with the unit when the tenant’s intention of leaving your area minus you as the landlord.


Heard of some complaints about tenant?

Try to verify with the management or condo’s security, another option is to ask neighbours in the units.  If in your investigation it will come out that the tenant has no good reputation, the seller himself won’t be interested to share that.

You need to know first if the occupant or tenant is the kind of tenant who runs unverified businesses, bitcoins or a drunkard one, who go home  late and shouts ( you’ll be in trouble if the condo management will call your attention because of tenant’s drama showdown)

The tenancy is set to enhance the value of the unit, not a source of endless calls and chaotic life.

The tenancy is supposed to boost the value of the property, as the landlord wait for a right time to sell yet have the property being self-sustained with the rental income.

A sound tip in selling property with tenants: If you are unlucky to have a tenants who bring nothing but a sad life, it might be better to end the lease along before marketing the property again else the tenant  would continue spreadings its  negative vibes or inflicting more physical damages on some stuff like the staging of the area during buyer’s showing.


Is the security deposit justified?

Seller is expected to endorse the renter’s security deposit over you, just make sure this been done once full it’s being awarded to you. There are cases synonymous to this, where the seller went abroad and unable to return the deposit and worst, these people can no longer be reached. Also, your unit must have been checked as you take over, to check for any damage that the seller didn’t declare.

A sound tip in selling property with tenants: Notify the agent for any security deposits withheld if you plan to take a hands-off system over the process of selling the unit or house.