Visitors to HDB looking at the new Tengah masterplan / model....Photo. Ernerst chua.Singapore Tengah is set to be the sustainable and biggest smart development by the Housing and Development Board today, its developer will be using smart technologies to encourage productive use of energy and water, and also to produce eco-friendly features.

This forest town located close to Lake Grande will feature water and energy conservation, both outside and within the home, it includes regenerative lifts, smart lighting in communal areas and eco-pedestals in the flat.

The Tengah town will have a smart Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System or PWCS to promote a more healthful and effective waste management.

The PWCS is enclosed and automated waste collection method that applies high speed air suction to transfer home waste to the centralized bin centre using an underground pipe network, according to HDB.

Planners of new Tengah town will also use a software named Urban Microclimate Multi-physics Integrated Simulation or UM-MIST. This software was already tested out in some Punggol areas to reproduce the interaction of urban microclimatic conditions such as fluctuations of temperature, wind flow and solar irradiance with one another, including the blended effects on its surrounding urban landscape.

Written by Siang Teck of Property Review. I can be contacted at [email protected]