According to SRX Property estimates, the resale volumes of HBD flats surged to a record monthly high since November 2012 as prices begin to stabilize in April. Based on the data compiled by SRX property on HBD resale, an approximate sale of 1,828 HBD resale flats was noted in April which is a 10.3 increase when compared to the 1,667 transacted units in March. The sale is also 13.5 per cent higher than last year. 37721__1325575092

However, the resale volume noted in April is still just half the level of the peak reached in May 2010.The resale flats became more affordable when various grants were offered by HBD. Resale flats were then more preferred because of the short period of waiting time for buyers to move in especially for those who needs immediate housing.

Mr. Lim stated that with HBD resale prices stabilizing this past year, the trend is certain to extend for the succeeding months especially that buyers tend to remain conservative in their offers. Sellers on the other hand are also adjusting their price expectations to minimize the time that their property in on the market sale. 


Written by Siang Teck of Property Review. I can be contacted at [email protected]