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 Singapore stays on top in terms of family security and total quality life.

Singapore remains the top best place and first choice of expats to reside and work, published Channel NewsAsia per survey of the reputable HSBC.

New Zealand ranks the second, Germany, Bahrain and Canada are among the top five.

While the expats in Singapore earns lower than the average in contrast to HongKong expats who gets only US$180,000  per year, Singapore is known to be more lenient in terms of family welfare and quality of life.

As a matter of fact, almost 75 percent of expats around Singapore believes that children’s well -being are given the highest priority, according to the survey.

” The standard of education and childcare are far better over home for most expats and more or less 60 percent claimed that the well -being of their kids greatly improved, told the survey.”

Out of five expats, four are declaring confidence in Singapore’s economic sustainability and political security, 78 percent told to highly recommend Singapore as the best place to go abroad for a work.

” Over a quarter of expats in Singapore were originally deployed by the employer, but near to half or 47 percent  preferred to stay in a safe, order city with its lush greenery surroundings offering the best quality of life to their family.”

Out from the survey of more or less  22,318 expats, it divulged that residing around city-state is a bit stressful, 46 percent reiterated that stress level at workplace around South East Asia are higher than what they have seen back home.

Singapore’s pricey living is a baggage for some expats, two out of four said, homes around city-state is not affordable.

Meantime, Singaporeans who shifted abroad told they experienced perfect work-life balance, 50 percent declared fulfilment and satisfaction working abroad.

” The survey revealed, ” Having left an orderly, well -structured and meticulously regulated culture to gamble into a competitive  global unknown, more Singaporeans abroad, 51 percent believes the experience mold them to be more flexible than global average, 51 percent.”

HSBC said, “Singapore is a total package for a budding expat who wants to be in world’s smallest archipelago. A mixture of strong economic, family, working, social and welfare ratings made Singapore the world leader for expats for 2018. Despite age, gender nationality, career, the expats enjoying life in Singapore and agreed that it’s hard to beat.”.

John Goddard, the chair of HSBC Expat quoted, “It is definitely life-changing,” That extra source is a big help for one’s future life. More than a third explained they were to set aside money for retirement period. Another  third shared, it’s for property ladder.”