Almost 2,200 flats in the approaching ” forest town” of the famous Tengah would be in the market for sale if the two real estate development would be launched end of this month.

First in line is the 990- unit development named as Garden [email protected] Tengah, the first set of flats placed on sale of Tengah’s latest Garden District.

The second to follow,  the luxurious 1,190 flats Plantation Acres development of Plantation District found adjacent to Plantation Grove development launched November 2018.

The two projects nestled just a few walking distances from MRT station of Jurong Region Line forecasted to open by 2027.

The units composed the second part of flats to be initiated in flats areas of Tengah and also part of more or less 15,000 BTO or Build -To – Order flats forecasted this year for its launching.

Garden ranks second among five districts targeted for Tengah real estate expansion, which is expected to build another 6,500 units, revealed by Housing Board yesterday.

It will cover an area as wide as 80ha, which means as huge as Botanic Gardens. The three other districts name would be, Forest Hill, Park and Brickland.

Similar to Plantation District, the luxurious Garden District showcases a “farmway” which serves as a recreational park and the chance for each owner of the flat to interact and connect. The 400m by 900m areas will be filled with social, recreational and communal amenities on its two sides.

The HDB has reserved an area of 3,000sq m for community activities and gardening, individual housing developments comprises community gardens.

“Residents are privileged to experience farm-to-table fine dining from the fruits of what they cultivated in their gardens,” revealed the HDB. Further added, that gardening routines enhance interaction and community involvement it even ignites to bring back the fire of Kampung spirit.”

There are varieties of flowering plants such as Pink Trumpet Tree, Golden Gardenia and Cempaka which gives more attraction over farmway and where birds and butterflies flock.

” Along the main entrance of Garden District, the luscious green is considered a landmark of the area thus making the place more famous,” it further added.

“These markers comprises also the botanical arbours, boxed with creeping plants which gives shade and optical hiatus over urban scenery while inviting butterflies and birds with their fragrant nectars.”

The farmway welcomes up to Tengah Pond along the east side and upcoming Central Park at the west side. It will provide six playgrounds filled with play equipment inspirited by beautiful garden insects, tree houses and other nature concepts.

All roads along the district embrace 2m -wide biking paths and pedestrian path of 1.5m-wide to promote walking and cycling, told HDB, congruent to the goal of making  Tengah a zone of car-lite.

Tengah is the latest new town 20 years after Punggol’s birth and expected to measure like Bishan’s area. It runs 20 years to build houses with more or less 42,000 flats. More new launches will be divulged end of May.

Per HBH website, there were at least 5,000 hopefuls showed interest over 1,620-unit Plantation Grove development during BTO  exercise 2018 of November.