Out of 10 Build-to-Order (BTO) flat buyers, 6 opted and requested that they want their units to have open kitchen. They open for open kitchen because it provides them a spacious living room. Jolland Lee, an interior designer who designed open kitchens for HDB buyers is a fan of spacious-looking kitchens as well.

Since September 2014, HDB offered the open kitchen option to buyers to provide flexibility to owners in personalizing their flats according to an HDB spokesman. Another reason is that buyers can save money and hassle in bringing down walls in case they prefer to have an open kitchen, the spokesman added.

HDB started this open-kitchen option in the development of the 2012 BTO project Teck Ghee Parkview. 70% of the buyers preferred the option. On the first quarter of 2017, the first batch of flats for this project will be released. Another property that has an open-kitchen concept is Eleven (11) @ Holland.


The Optional Component Scheme which is presented by HDB includes the open-kitchen option to let home buyers design their flats at their heart’s content.