If purchasing landed home is fresh to you, check out this list of things you need to know.

If purchasing landed home is fresh to you, check out this list of things you need to know.

The normal Singaporean’s property buying journey is somewhat obeying any of the situations below:

  • Purchase HDB. Live there until you get older.
  • Purchase HDB. Improve and sell it into bigger HDB. Stay there till you get older.
  • Purchase HDB. Improve and sell it into a condo. Stay there till you get older.
  • Purchase HDB. Improve and sell it into a condo. Downgrade it when retiring, and turn it back into HDB.
  • Purchase Executive Condo. Improve and sell it into a condo. Stay there till you get older.

Did you discover something alluring? Our choices usually revolve around Executive Condos, HDB flats, or condos. Of course, there’s the selection of purchasing a landed house, but since these more costly than the choices above, they stay definitely inaccessible for almost Singaporean citizens.

If you possess sufficient amount of money and assets and you have decided to purchase a landed house, however, that is an overwhelming idea. Irrespective of either you only have 1 assets, or you are a veteran property investor, use your time to make the necessary studies. However, buying landed home is much different from buying other types of Singaporean property.

Do you want to find out and know more? Continue reading to know the three things you must consider if you plan to buy a landed home in Singapore!


#1: You must be a PR or a Singapore Citizen to purchase a landed property

Landed home foreigners

Landed home foreigners

First of all: though emigrants can buy condominiums, they are not permitted to buy a landed property; this comprises semi-detached houses, bungalows, cluster housing and terrace houses.

If you are not a resident, but you have been a Permanent Resident (PR) for a minimum of five years, then you can purchase. Things are not that direct – requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, having several considerations together with either you have made “excellent economic influence” to Singapore.


#2: You cannot construct as many levels as you want

Landed home levels

Landed home levels

Getting your contractors in, thinking of purchasing an old property, and zhnging (try to see: solving it up) it till it is a ten-story mansion? Think once more. Every landed home comes with an exact quantity of floors “assigned” to it. For example, if the land is allocated for three floors, you can construct up to three floors, with a loft. If the land is allocated for two floors, you will have to build up to two floors with a loft.


#3: You’ll perhaps have to find an expert inspector before closing the deal on your landed home

Landed home inspection

Landed home inspection

Individuals who are buying or leasing a flats have it quite easy – they can prefer to lists that will assist them to evaluate the house and any faults that might be present. When talking to a landed home, though, a more knowledge is needed. You will need to find an expert assessors to make sure that the house are good in the following parts:


Solving a foundation problem will charge you greatly when talking about money and time. Houses which have fragile or doubtful foundation are complete contract breakers, except if you are fine with spending ten thousand dollars on making these foundation difficulties smooth out. Cautionary signs consist of unaligned walls, cracks, and unaligned doors and window frames.


Like foundation problems, it is time-consuming and expensive to solve. These are more expected to exist in landed houses which have a basement constructed in; so when you detect any mould or leakages, think of it as red flag.


You will have to buy a landed home in a zone with dense soil, as contrasting a part where the area is prone to movement or too soft. If the last circumstance happens, you are necessary to connect sheet piling which will be responsible for excavation and earth retention support; the expenditure for this varies on a case-by-case basis, but it will price a pretty penny.


When the house you’re looking has a leak on its roofing, you have 2 choices. Either make sure that the landlord repairs it before you buy it, or merely walk away and find another. Because solving (or changing) a roof is extremely costly, you certainly don’t want to be burdened with this amount when you are purchasing a house. If the roof has basically erases its color, then, that’s fine – it’s quite simple and low-cost to remove it with the use of bleach.

Purchasing any Singaporean property is an important occasion, but purchasing a landed home is particularly important. You will want to have a house which you totally like, given that you are working out a big amount of cash, so make it sure to ensure your assignment before concluding your decision.


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