HSR LineWith travel time between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore reduce to 90 minutes, working and buying a second home in Malaysia will become a more worthy suggestion for Singaporeans, when the upcoming high-speed rail (HSR) is ready in 2026.

The benefits produced by the link will most probably be earned by the cities in terminus, since many of the firms, property hunters, tourists and workers targeting on these 2 areas.

According to the economist at United Overseas Bank, Mr Francis Tan, the high-speed rail (HSR) line  provides Singaporeans the choice of investing in Malaysian properties, since the travel on these 2 areas would become much faster.

Being recognized as tourist destination, Putrajaya and Bandar Malaysia are matured areas with massive populations, which defined that these 2 areas will be deemed worthy for property investments.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans will probably consider the economic and political landscape of Malaysia before deciding whether it is worth to make a property investment there.

Some of the nearby Singapore Property that will benefit to the upcoming HSR line, includes Lake Grande and Lakeville @ Lakeside.

Written by Siang Teck of Property Review. I can be contacted at [email protected]