Singapore HDB Flat

With Singapore’s residents ageing at a fast step, it’s not unusual to see employed adults living with their parents. If you are one of the several people who are presently living with your ageing parents, check out our succeeding guidelines on how to elder proof your homes/ HDB flat, as well as manage it as elderly-friendly as possible.


1. Keep electrical cords well-ordered


electrical cords

If you’re everything similar the typical Singaporean, you have much of devices that need charging, then as an outcome, many electrical cords lying everywhere. Ensure that these are secured and covered, keep them out of the way and keep it neat so that you won’t cause your ageing parents to trip and drop.


2. Buying appliances that turn off automatically

Electric appliances

Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness come certainly with old ages, so do what you can to avoid accidents that may ascend because of this. For example, instead of having your elderly parents deal with a stovetop kettle, just buy an electric kettle that will switch off automatically as soon as the water has boiled.


3. Provide suitable lighting

adequate lighting

Your ageing parents might have glaucoma, cataract, long-sightedness, or all of the above – therefore make their lives as easy and convenient as possible by safeguarding your home is fine-lit. In exact, install bedside lamps in their own bedroom so they will not be requiring to pass through the room in dimness just to switch on the lights.


4. Suit your bathroom with emergency aids

emergency aids

The dangers of having your ageing parents fall and slip in the shower are truly possible – so be ready for this situation by equipping your bathroom with emergency aids like call bells. These aids can come in the form of any pull-cord or button, and they should be huge enough and in an noticeable color for easy finding.


5. Avoid using marble and glazed tiles

marble tiles

As an instruction of thumb, look for slip-resilient tiles when it comes to your house flooring. Avoid granite, glazed tiles or marble, as these have a possibility of being slippery when polished. Consecutively in the similar vein, if your ageing parents have the practice of wearing slippers at home, make certain that they’re fine-fitted, and that the soles of these slippers offer the essential support and friction.

Furthermore, to assuring your household to be elder proof, if you are thinking of redecorating and redesigning to make your home more easy and comfortable for your parents, take time to read our article on 6 apps for homeowners that you might not knew you needed!adequate lighting