Properties that the shakers and movers of Singapore bought in 2017.

Properties that the shakers and movers of Singapore bought in 2017.

As we bundle up the first month of year 2018, let us take a view at some of the most best-selling and luxurious developments that fascinated Singaporeans (and expatriates living in the city of Singapore!) tremendously thrilled in previous year.

In addition: we already recognize that property values are anticipated to increase by 10 percent in year 2018, so if you are eager to sell or purchase property this year, you are in for an exciting trip!

Most high-priced resale properties in year 2017:

In August of year 2017, a classy 10,300 sq ft. penthouse situated at Sculptura Ardmore was vended for around 60 million dollars. Report has it that the purchaser is no other than one of the reputable investors Mr. Eduardo Saverin, nevertheless as the agreement has been reserved equitably confidential, no one distinguishes for sure.

In May of year 2017, an elegant 9,300 sq ft. resale unit sited at The Nassim was traded for about 25.57 million dollars. Yet again, we don’t recognize much about the secretive purchaser – apart from the detail that he or she is a foreigner.

Summarizing it, in August of year 2017, a fascinating 7,287 sq ft. unit at the Gramercy Park was traded for 21.86 million dollars. The unit in query is a 5-bedroom penthouse.

Highest inquiring price for property in year 2017:

100 million Singaporean dollars. Nope, that is not a typographical error – it’s the questioning price for a brand new 3-storey penthouse, that comes across-the-board with a rejuvenating private pool on the 64th floor. This classic unit is positioned at the Wallich Residence in the GuocoLand-industrialized Tanjong Pagar Centre, and specialists are saying that it’s a “trial for the durability of demand for extravagant property” in entire Singapore.

Highest quantity of units traded by a developer in year 2017:

1,216 classic units. The courtesy goes to the reputable Qingjian Realty, with the units encompassing of both private residential developments and Executive Condominium (EC).

Highest quantity of Executive Condominiums sold by a developer in year 2017:

932 luxurious units. Once more, this exploit was attained by the eminent Qingjian Realty. One of their utmost widespread Executive Condominiums was The Visionaire, the Singapore’s foremost Executive Condominium with nifty homes, which was completely sold in year 2017. Furthermore, we perceive that iNz Residence of Qingjian Realty, that is Singapore’s foremost Internet-equipped smart Executive Condominium, is also doing very well.