Kampung Bugis In preparation of new residential property development in the premises of Kallang, government will patch the soil of the site with gasworks plant that had been the source of power of the whole Singapore.

The SLA or Singapore Land Authority requested for tender on 19th of April to give remediation works on Kallang Gaswork’s previous areas. It was erected in 1862 with the goal to produce gas utilizing coal. The operation stopped only after 130 years.

Senoko Gasworks, the latest gas piped production plant founded by Singapore Power and started its operation July of 1997.

The plant covers at least 3.14ha around the premises of Kallang site, which means three times wider than a football field and 20 percent as wide as the redevelop Kampong Bugis district.

In the coming years, the region will be transformed into the so-called, “car-lite,”  booming waterfront region with an estimated  4,000 new private residential flats.



Preparing the Ground at Kampong Bugis

Kampong Bugis Makeover

In a joint agreement, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and SLA stated environmental sites study and assessment discovered some chemical elements of the soil which can be considered a factor for production of gas.

The solution which will help rehabilitate the soil with the aid of soil washing and thermal methods guarantees the class of the soil that suits its purpose, the agencies reiterated.

Fang Mingliang, the expert engineer of Nanyang Technological University told, chemical left untreated will surely contaminate the groundwater.

The remediation requires all soil to be sacked and place over reagent,  similar to a detergent, thus removing the oil substances, told Fang.

Thus this will lead to enclosing of the site, preventing the vapours from seeping out and rain will not wash the contaminated soil straight down to the river, explained  Fang.

“People need not worry because remediation plans are broad and passed the  International standards for safety and health,” Fang shared.

Same works implemented successfully brought out gasworks somewhere, such as the Australia, Brisbane and the luxurious mixed-use hub in King’s Cross of London.

Remediation works are expected to be completed by year 2022, and the tender for the expert to supervise the development of the whole precinct must be out for the succeeding one to two years, released by The Strait Times.

The URA spokesman said it is a must for the whole precinct to be completed in the coming decade.

One out of the three rejuvenated districts unveiled previous year, the Kampong Bugis. The left two are Bayshore located in East Coast and Holland Plain nestled in Bukit Timah. The highly advanced towns, with lesser cars and more open public hubs and spaces, covers a total of 19,000  dashing new homes.


First Mover Advantage wit Kallang Riverside

Kallang Riverside

Kallang Riverside

The 914 sqm land area at former Singapore Johore Express presently sites the showroom of the company for Kallang Riverside Condominium which is freehold. It lies on the edge part facing the beautiful Singapore River. Unit mix in this development consists of 1 to 3 bedrooms and penthouse units. This is likely the only freehold site in this kampong bugis site. Subsequently sites are from Government Land Sales and is likely on 99 years leasehold.

On top of that, being the first development at Kampong Bugis does have its advantage as the rest of the 99 years leasehold sell higher from GLS bidding. Thus subsequent site may be on a leasehold land, but it will be selling higher than Kallang Riverside too.