Dual key condo refers to units that offers the flexibility to be configured from 1 unit to separate units with differents door. This configuration is popular among investors as it often give investors good rental returns.

For those 3 generations under 1 roof, it provide privacy to newly wed couple to stay with parents since they will have separate door, yet enjoy the warmth of staying together with parents.

Dual Key Condo Floor Plan


Typical configuration in a Dual Key Condo

  • 2 bedrooms -> 2 separate studio units
  • 3 bedrooms -> 1 2 bedroom and a studio unit
  • 4 bedrooms -> One 3 bedroom and a studio unit


Dual Key Advantages

  • Flexibility in Configuration
  • Good Rental Yield
  • Seems to “own” 2 units, yet only pay 1 stamp duty and property tax
  • Enjoy privacy yet can have 3 generation under 1 roof


Some of the current Condos with Dual Key Condo include