Jervois Mansion is situated along Jervois Close in the heart of Singapore. This development, which is composed of 130 high-end units of living with an array of amenities that will undoubtedly make the future inhabitants more than comfortable, TOP in 2026.

Jervois Mansion Perspective

Located in a neighborhood characterized by low-rise villas and embassy offices to the north, and a range of higher residential complexes to the south, Jervois Mansion is a landmark structure. As a result of the former, with its broadly placed bungalows lush greenery, it provides a unique and friendly atmosphere for a mid-density residence. It also offers a possibility to draw on the expertise of landscape and architecture similar to that of the Black & White apartments of the 1920s.

Jervois Mansion Central Pool

Singapore’s Black & White bungalows are known for having a live facade, which was used as inspiration for the design of the building. The verandas among these bungalows embody the architectural reaction to Singapore’s humid environment, while also bringing nature closer to the homes of the residents. Using two features: the uninterrupted garden bed and balconies that depend on plants, which have been revalidated this dynamic facade.

In the case of the former, it is a 1 meter wide by 500 mm deep abstracted garden that spans the full length of the front and side facades of the residential building. Balconies are then built above the planters to guarantee that the occupants remain in close harmony with nature and lush greenery although they are elevated well above ground.

They are sustained and defined by beautiful black frames that echo the antecedent of the nineteenth-century aristocratic bungalows.

Jervois Mansion Clubhouse

Six free-standing five-story buildings are strewn around the land like villas in a good-class bungalow community. This configuration results in a conductive horizontal surface and elevations all along the property’s borders. The blocks seem to be free-standing villas, ensconced in beautiful scenery with concealed fences integrated into planting, and the concept looks like a fenceless dwelling cluster that blends in with its neighboring good-class bungalow neighborhood.

Jervois Mansion Arrival

To create an effective and beneficial environment for the residents, lush greenery is thoughtfully positioned throughout the property to decrease the total heat island effect, reducing the average temperature for residents. Biophilic elements of this complex include lush green spaces and habitats such as ponds and a unique “linear” garden located in the basement.

These features enable people to be more connected to nature and improve their overall wellness by improving air quality, providing natural forms of temperature control, providing exposure to natural light, and promoting green infrastructure.


Jervois Mansion Location

In a prime area of District 10, the Jervois Mansion location is a great choice. Its location along Jervois Close provides excellent accessibility for both its customers and its employees. The land, which is bordered by large corporations, provides a fantastic chance for companies to expand and flourish.

A fun pastime, shopping can be made even more enjoyable if you’re within a short distance to a range of shopping centers that provide a diverse selection of goods and your favored brands. Malls such as Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, Waterfront Plaza, Valley Point Shopping Centre, and Tanglin Road are located close to the property.

Some of the best educational institutions in the area are located within a few minutes drive from where you live. Schools such as Zhangde Primary School, JHS Montessori Kindergarten, Queenstown Secondary School, Henderson Primary School, and Gan Eng Seng School to name a few, are located within a short drive of the residence.

This development provides an excellent connection for companies, which is a significant benefit. With roads such as the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and the Central Expressway (CTE) that connect to the address, visitors from all across the country may get to their destination. It is very convenient to commute since there are many MRT stations nearby, including Tiong Bahru MRT, Havelock MRT, and Queenstown MRT.

Location Map

Nearby Attractions at Jervois Mansion

Nearby Transport

  • Tiong Bahru MRT
  • Orchard Boulevard MRT
  • Somerset MRT
  • Queenstown MRT
  • Redhill MRT
  • Napier MRT
  • Havelock MRT
  • Great World MRT
  • Central Expressway (CTE)
  • Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE)
Nearby Schools

  • Gracefields Kindergarten
  • JHS Montessori Kindergarten
  • Zhangde Primary School
  • CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent
  • River Valley Primary School
  • Queenstown Secondary School
  • Gan Eng Seng School
  • Alexandra Primary School
  • Henderson Primary School
  • Bukit Merah Secondary School
Other Amenities

  • Zion Riverside Food Centre
  • Great World City
  • Leng Kee Community Centre
  • Tudor Court Shopping Gallery
  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital
  • Redhill Market
  • Tanglin Road
  • Beo Crescent Market
  • Waterfront Plaza
  • Singapore General Hospital
  • Henderson Community Centre
  • Bukit Merah Public Library
  • Delta Sports & Recreation Centre
  • Gleneagles Hospital
  • Valley Point Shopping Centre


Jervois Mansion Floor Plan

The six apartment buildings have been constructed in such a way that they include five linked courtyards. Designed with a suitable offset space among units in mind, these open landscaped areas are home to well-designed community facilities as well as distinctive landscape elements. In each courtyard, one-story pavilions that follow the same architectural language are interrupted by a fountain.

Jervois Mansion Living Room

The apartment, which is designed for the contemporary homeowner, is envisioned as a variety of places in which to live, develop, discover, work, and entertain. Our architectural elements have been revalidated by using modern materials that are suitable for the needs, aspirations, and sensitivities of contemporary living. We have drawn inspiration from Singapore’s colonial buildings and their distinctive design features.

While our component choice is subdued and infused with a feeling of serenity, the clearness of nature is complemented by the muted palette. The same component choice will gradually infiltrate through the levels of the structured and textured display to the outside, where it will blend with the surroundings. A fresh interpretation of living beside nature is expressed throughout the design, which features seamless integration of inside and outside – contemporary tropical with touches of colonial influence.

Jervois Mansion Dining



TOP 10 Reasons Why Buy Jervois Mansion?

  • Located in the Jervois neighborhood, this is the largest freehold upcoming development
  • Kimen Realty Pte Ltd. is a well-known developer in Singapore
  • Bungalow-style living in black and white
  • A variety of entertaining and pleasant activities as well as leisure places are provided
  • The landscape is customized
  • 5 story villa-like structures with a low density
  • The idea of sustainability is green
  • Six blocks of residences provide an eco-luxury lifestyle
  • In the vicinity of District 10, there is an easily accessible enclave
  • The home is accessible through many major routes




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When is Jervois Mansion Condo launching?

Jervois Mansion is launching in 2021.

When is Jervois Mansion Condo TOP?

Jervois Mansion is expected to TOP in 2026.

What is Jervois Mansion tenure?

Jervois Mansion has a freehold tenure.

Who is the developer for Jervois Mansion?

Jervois Mansion developer is Kimen Realty Pte Ltd.

What is the address for Jervois Mansion?

Jervois Mansion is located at 4-16 Jervois Close in District 10, Singapore,

How many floors are there in Jervois Mansion?

Jervois Mansion stands at 5 storeys high.

How many units are there in Jervois Mansion?

Jervois Mansion has a total of 130 units.




Jervois Mansion Specification

ProjectJervois Mansion
DeveloperKimen Realty Pte Ltd
Address4-16 Jervois Close, Singapore
DescriptionSix blocks of 5-storey luxury home development located in the sought after address in District 10
Total Units130
District 10
TOPDecember 2026
Unit Mix15 Units 1 BR - 495 sqm
5 Units 1 BR + Guest - 646 sqm
25 Units 2 BR - 678 to 786 sqm
25 Units 2 BR + Guest - 797 to 861 sqm
20 Units 3 BR - 1001 to 1023 sqm
10 Units 3 BR Premium - 1249 to 1378 sqm
5 Units 4 BR - 1539 sqm
5 units 4 BR DK - 1475 sqm
15 Units 4 BR Premium - 1539 to 2271 sqm
5 Units 5 BR DK - 1808 sqm



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Jervois Mansion
Jervois Mansion Perspective

Jervois Mansion is situated along Jervois Close in the heart of Singapore. This development, which is composed of 130 high-end units of living with an array of amenities that will undoubtedly make the future inhabitants more than comfortable, TOP in 2026.

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