Watercove Ville


In Singapore, there is a general concept that once they have a landed property, they have achieved high. Interestingly, they also think same about car owners. Having a car is interpreted as you have “made it”. Contrarily, the car owners are always thinking about how to earn more in order to pay the car installments. If you are thinking to buy a landed property, here are some options for landed property that can be bought under$3 million:


Serenity Terrace

Located in Sims Avenue East, District 14, Serenity Terrace is a Freehold project.  A 5-bedroom with 6 bathrooms apartment at Serenity Terrace having a land area of 1,819 square feet, the average price is $2,850,000.

Serenity Terrace is a 24-year residential property. The units on this property are three and a half storeys, each covering about 3,650 square feet space. Serenity Terrace is just six minutes away from the Kembangan MRT station. The location is serene.

You will find numerous eateries in the nearby Changi Road, which is just about 10 minutes walk. In the proximity of the Kembangan MRT station, there are many convenient stores such as a pet lover’s centre, small bakeries, and restaurants. You can drive to Siglap or Marine Parade for retail shopping.

Each units in the Serenity Terrace has two kitchens: the dry kitchen and the wet kitchen. The dry kitchen is spacious, with the dining area almost the double size. The wet kitchen, on the other hand is small, with separate area, where you will find place for washing up. The unit is an ideal place for hosting big gatherings.

If you want a home with lots of space, in a quiet environment, and have a car for transportation, you will love Serenity Terrace. Considering the home area, serenity of the location, and the price, you will not find a home as good as Serenity Terrace in Singapore.


Belgravia Villa

Belgravia Villas Pool during Daytime

Belgravia Villas Pool during Daytime

Located in Belgravia Drive, at District 28, Belgravia Villa is a Freehold residential property. The Inter-terrace units in Belgravia Villa are between 3,520 and 3,584 square feet. The Corner-terrace, on the other hand are between  3,584 and 3,767 square feet. The semi-detached units in Belgravia Villa are between 3,929 and 4,026 per square feet. The price for Belgravia Villa unit starts from approximately $2,650,000.

Belgravia Villa is a cluster housing project which will get a TOP in 2018. Seletar Aerospace Park is being developed nearby and when this completes, Belgravia Villa sales and rentals will surely pick up. However, at this moment, Belgravia Villa has little prominence as there is no MRT station nearby. You can choose Belgravia Villa units for your home only if you have your own car, or are comfortable with the bus service that is available outside the development. It is hard to find cabs in the location.

For car owner, Belgravia Villa is an ideal place to live. It takes just 10-minute to reach the Ang Mo Kio hub in a car. You can also reach central Singapore, through the upcoming North-South Expressway. Drive 5 minutes and you will reach Greenwich V mall. Here you can not only buy your supplies but also find good eateries.  If you are kind of hipsters or expats like, you can find fancy dining options that offer wine bars where they put pear in hamburgers.

If you consider long term gain, Belgravia Villa is for you. Current price is low, however, it will go high in the near future because of nearby developments such as aerospace park and the expressway.

Belgravia Villa units have high-end interiors and finishings, similar to the units in extravagant condos in District 9 and District 10. The units at Belgravia Villa will also give you more space at a lower price than those in other luxury condos. On the other hand, you’ll have as much bigger space than those pricier options. If you have a car or do not mind boarding a bus, you have to consider Belgravia Villa located at Ang Mo Kio landed enclave.


Thomson Hills Estate

Located at Thomson Terrace, at District 20, Thomson Hills Estate is a Freehold residential development, having 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms apartments with the land area of 2,200 square feet. The average price for a unit at Thomson Hills Estate is approximately $2,999,888.

Thomson Hills Estate is the oldest residential development in our list of properties that you can get under 3 million. Even though the property was completed in 1980, Thomson Hills Estate is still in good condition as reconstruction was done in 2011. The units in Thomson Hills Estate are two-storey units having garden at the front yard as well as backyard.

Mayflower MRT station is just 8-10 minutes away from Thomson Hills Estate. You can reach MacRitchie Reservoir and Lower Pierce Reservoir from Thomson Hills Estate by driving just for 10 minutes. If you want a school for your girl, you can find St. Nicholas Girls’ School in one kilometer distance.

To be frank, you cannot find many amenities in walking distance, however, if you have a car, you can reach NEX mega mall and Thomson Plaza by driving for 10 minutes.

One of the best things about the Thomson Hills Estate units is pricing. You cannot get this big unit in a freehold landed development in Upper Thomson for this price.

If you want a big fancy home but don’t have budget for the Sentosa Cove units Thomson Hills Estate is for you. If you hate heavy traffic, you should definitely check this property.


The Morris Residences

The Morris Residences Pool

The Morris Residences Pool

Located at Paya Lebar Crescent, at District 19, the Morris Residences, is a Freehold residential property development having a units with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with the land area of 4,015 square feet. The approximate price for The Morris Residences unit is $2,852,000.

The location of The Morris Residences can be considered very ideal because it is near Kensington Square. One of the primary amenities offered in this location is a Giant supermarket.

When you think about landed homes, what comes in the mind is the isolated location. In other words, landed homes are the homes that are not surrounded by rowdy malls and hawker centers. Interestingly, the Morris Residences is the only landed property we have included on our list that is 5-8 minute from a major supermarket. NEX at Serangoon is very close from the Morris Residences. Having a full-service supermarket is always an advantage for the residents.

The Morris Residences is a cluster home development having 10 houses. The major attractions for the units in this development are the balcony pool and the Ken-jo lift. There is a car park in the basement and the lift connects the car park and the top floor. Having a lif is very convenient if you don’t want to take stairways or have elderly people in the family.

In the balcony pool, you can swim and when you get tired of swimming, you can sit at the age of the pool and watch the horizon. The pool is small, but will be very good for relaxation.

You cannot find a balcony pool in many high end developments. This is one of the best things about , the Morris Residences.



Watercove Ville Pool

Watercove Ville Pool

Located at Wak Hassan Drive, at District 27, Watercove is a Freehold residential development that has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms units with the land area of 3,466 square feet. You can get a unit at Watercove for just about $2,301,000.

Currently, Watercove is just like hot cake, everyone is talking about this residential development. The development will get TOP in 2020. Bukit Sembawang Estates is the developer of Watercove. Out of 80 units for sale, 18 units have already been sold.

Watercove is a seafront project having a low-rise cluster homes. When we say seafront project, we don’t mean a development having seafront view, what we actually mean is the project faces the sea. You can see sand and the waves.

Seafront living is a major attraction for many Singaporeans. Watercove units are ideal for having BBQ on the roof terrace all the while watching the rise and fall of water waves in the sea. Here you have experienced something like Sentosa and East Coast. The unit also has a lift, which makes very convenient for you to carry food and coals to the terrace if you are having a BBQ party.

Like most of the landed housing projects, Watercove is detached from the main city. If you want to get to the nearest Sembawang MRT station, you will have to board a bus. Retail shops and eateries are almost non-existent in the vicinity. You will have to take 40 minutes drive to reach the Central Market District.

Having said that, Watercove is an ideal place to live for those who dislike living in the crowded area. Watercove will give you an experience of resort like living.

If you want a quiet living, but do not want to pay the hefty price such as Sentosa Cove, your ideal choice should be Watercove. If you give importance to a seafront living rather than having malls and eateries nearby, Waterfront will serve you better.

An amazing property  your family and you greatly deserved, the Watercove Ville.