Gems World AcademyThe International school’s newest student scene at Gems World Academy in Yishun. In September over 200 students here will grow its enrolment.

By year 2017, when the school completed $220 million campus, it will accommodate 3,000 students with aged around 3 to 18.

Last year, the opening of nearby Britain’s Dulwich College give helped to lessen the difficulty for places in international schools. The Market research proves that there are number of 40,000 students on top of 30 international schools here.

Dulwich screens students with aged 7 and above for the ability in academic, while Gems Group executive director Dino Varkey makes clears that the school would not be doing the same. But
Fees are same to that of other such schools here, which is around $20,000 a year.

“Our education philosophy is to nourish all children with the best potential,” he added, pointing out that in spite of not being an academically choice Institution, 99 % of its students succeed to university, which include leading varsities like Cambridge, Stanford and Oxford.

The sporting facilities of school include a football pitch, swimming pool with olympic-sized, climbing wall and a gym. When perfectly completed, it will feature a 750-seat of planetarium and an auditorium.

The school will focus on all-round development. All students from grades 1 to grades 5 with aged 7 to 11 are equipped with either a cello or violin. For one-on-one music lessons, sound-proof studios is also allow during the school day plus there are also multiple orchestra groups and bands.

There are quite a number of good school in Yishun where students can obtain quality education.  There are also great opportunities for entertainment and recreation that residents can enjoy.

Some of the new development at Yishun include Northpark Residences and Symphony Suites