The Housing and Development Board (HBD) offered its new “HBD Friendly Faces Lively Places Funds” to HDB residents where they can apply to start any large-scale projects aimed at developing the community. This community initiative founded by the HBD will set aside an approximate total of S$500,000 over the next five years.20141101_hdb_queenstown

The announcement transpired during the Bedok Town Plaza launch in line with the kick off of HBD’s Annual Community Week on Friday (May 20). Each project may apply for a funding of up to S$10,000 from HBD. Projects must involve the community members.  Also, communities must come up with 30 percent of the total funding amount it applied for.

The National Development Minister, Lawrence Wong, stated that the key criteria eyed for the projects should bring diverse groups of people together and that they should have active contribution and participation to the community. This project aimed to strengthen bond and great neighborliness among communities.