Singapore Typical Apartment Condominium Housing in Planned Neighborhood CommunityThe prices of condominiums which were sold on the resale market rose up 0.3 per cent in March and the number of units sold surged up to 47.6 percent as indicated by the local property index.

According to the SRX Property, the rise was led by the non-landed residential units in the Outside Central Region with 1.3 per cent in the resale price.  Units in the rest of Central Region have a rise in resale price of 0.1 per cent while units in the Core Central Region decline with 1.7 per cent.

As of last month, an approximate of 577 non-landed private residential units were then resold which noted an increase of up to 47.6 per cent when compared to 391 units that were resold in February.  A resale volume rose up 19 per cent on a year-on-year basis.


Written by Siang Teck of Property Review. I can be contacted at [email protected]