HDB flats scaled


Flat owners who used to have a unit that still needs rehab but can’t be fully accomplished by April 9 were recommended to halt the repair works until such time that the circuit breaker remedy would be lifted, told HDB spokesman.

With the impact of circuit breaker measures, few Singaporeans were caught overwhelmed with the unfinished repair works.

One of them was Mr Woo, the homeowner. Starting early March, his whole family, consisted of four people were temporarily living with their close friend while the renovation was going on, said, Today Online.

Amid the “big clutter,” he started arranging, made the house clean and orderly so the whole of his family can move back in the coming days.

“Our close friends adapted us temporarily and overstaying in their house is not good. Right now like there’s no end to this, told Woo.

He stressed that the family would embrace to live without those essentials, given that those kitchens, air-condition, curtains, and basins are on its way for installation.

Meanwhile, Tony Foo, the taxi driver shared that those repair & renovations over resale flat he planned to transfer were halted because of the circuit breaker measures.

While the buyers of his new home reject the idea of postponing their move in which falls on April 30th, Foo has no choice but to check in a hotel room if the situation calls.

In answer to the doubts of the Covid -19 Bill or the Temporary Measure bill, K Shanmugam, the Minister of Law, addressed the issues of parties similar case with Mr Foo.

“For those whose flats are transacting in progress, the seller and buyer will have to discuss their completion date if they need extension,” he said.

Foo explained that both buyer and sellers are yet to discuss the new dates, this referring to those flats which are on the process of transactions.


No Renovation permit given during Circuit Breaker Period

Shanmugam divulged that the absence of issuing new repair or renovation permits of the Housing and Development Board around the dates of April 15 to May 04, which means the period duration of the circuit breaker.

He stressed that only those having existing renovation works solely essential works be given the chance to be completed per HDB policy, |assuring that it will incur few days only.” This is to give the opportunity for those having no housing no choice a “liveable” area or space.

According to the spokesman of HDB, essential works also refer to toilet repair and upgrading and electrical works.

Contractors allowed the short extension must assure that social distancing are followed, and all works must end on or before April 09.

Flat owners having units that need an extensive rehabilitation and can’t be completed on April 09 were requested to slow down the renovation activities until such time that circuit breaker measures be lifted, explained the spokesperson.

Homeowners planning to transfer from their present flats and move in their subsequent flats must talk with the buyers for stretching their stay, which means three months after its resale completion. “This is just a private covenant of both the buyer and seller, and all they need to do is submit it to the HDB,”, told the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Foo stressed that the postponement spared to him, which is until Thursday would still be useless.


Insufficient workers as mostly headed Home

“Most of the construction worker from his company went home to Malaysia last weekend. Though I really wanted to stretch down the renovation, no was left to work”, he shared.

Richard Yea, the CEO of  Design 4 Space, explained that majority of the workers headed home last weekend. He further added that the firm experienced lack of food supplies and running out of workers after Malaysia pushed the restricted movement order on March 18th.

Wayne Chuan, the famous owner of The Local INN.terior, said that turning over a complete unit to clients were delayed because of the same disturbance.

My workers who were expected to finish the last minute stuff last Monday went home. I must have applied for some extension but no workers found, so I can’t do anything”, he said.

“The client’s better half would give birth anytime now and no chance for them to move into their house. They also need to surrender the place as soon as possible because new renters hold the signed contract lease. We are all stuck!”