Recent policy changes have expanded the interface of eligible buyers in acquiring their own properties. Policy changes include upgraded housing grants with added two-room flexi arrangement, shorter lease for elderly clientele, and uplift of household income ceiling to $12,000 from the current $10,000.

During his visit to Waterway Terraces, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, mentioned that he has already requested the HBD to consider the proposal of constructing more BTO (Build-To-Order)flats to accommodate incoming demands that will likely to rise subsequent to the policy adjustments recently made. He added that the government will still continue to narrow the housing program. The supply breakthrough will be just “temporary adjustments”. Singapore Neighbourhood Skyline

When being addressed about the latest charges of defects in the new flats, Mr. Wong settled in to the fact that such feedback arises due to the soaring development of HBD flats. He further mentioned that with the building of new flats in bigger quantity, issues related to construction quality are more likely to arise. Such case happens to all public and private developers notwithstanding how hard they try to build quality flats.

HBD however assured the prospect clientele that if issues are raised such as defects, they will make sure that everything will be resolved.  HBD will consider the BTO sales exercise feedback before they acknowledge the number of the flat supply for 2016.