Singapore- According to the Monetary Authority (MA), the total bank lending in the country remained at status quo last September (from August data). There were no significant rise or fall in the lending market, as revealed by MA last October 31, 2014.MAS

Central Bank noted that last August 2014, the advances and loans made by domestic banks was S$604.6 billion.  Just last September, the loans and advances were almost the same- S$604.5billion (around $473.2 billion).

If seen in a greater scale, the loans last September were actually higher than the loans incurred last year September (2013). It rose 10.6% from the S$546.6 billion of 2013.

On the other note, the September bridging and housing loans increased by 6.5% (S$174.5 billion) from the S$163.8 billion last year. For the loans, they were maintained at S$173.5 billion.

In its entirety, the total consumer loans increased by 5.7% in September (S$233.6 billion) as compared to the loans last year, which was just around S$220.0 billion.

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