Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) has raised renewed enthusiasm from buyers when one of the properties in the Windsor Park Estate closed a deal to sell for $21.8 million for a land size of 20,383 sq ft.GCB sale

Compared to other transactions in January 2013, this freehold property at 122 Windsor Park Road, off Upper Thomson Road is considerably sold at a lower price where 2 Windsor Park Hill was sold a price of $25.3 while 55 Windsor Park Road was sold for $27 million. 

The property’s title deed showed that the buyer is from the notable Tng family who is connected in construction and local development business. This deal is the first GCB transaction in the Windsor Park estate since 2013.  

Mr. Michael Lam, Director of the GCB Division at Global Estate Management said "There is interest in GCBs as potential buyers feel there has been some price decline. They are waiting on the sidelines and, if the sellers were to be a bit more flexible or reasonable in their pricing, a few more GCBs may be transacted in the next quarter."