Ghib Ojisan, a Japanese Youtuber has successfully bought a 4-room resale flat located in Singapore. Osijan described the flat as his “dream house” according to Asia One’s report. The property offers a nice nature view which is refreshing to the eyes.


Ojisan and his wife, which is a Singaporean has been living in his in-laws’ house for a couple of years. The location of the unit was undisclosed, which means that it can be found in some mature estates in the country.

The couple acquired the resale-flat for about $500,000. The Youtuber jokingly says “I’m officially broke”. But the couple is still happy as they can now move-in to their newly owned home.

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Sharing their struggles about house-hunting, the couple has visited and viewed a few houses but wasn’t able to find that one unit that will satisfy their budget. Ojisan was able to successfully score the flat through a series of negotiations with the agent and the unit seller.

According to the Youtuber, the resale-flat was the most expensive thing he ever bought in his life. As of the moment, the couple won’t be able to move-in yet since the seller applied for a temporary extension of stay for 2 months.

The new owner intends to do some renovation on some parts of the unit. This move is commonly practiced in Singapore, in Japan this practice is not usual as their units are already looking nice.

Earlier this year, Ojisan mentioned getting a house in Singapore as he explained his reasons as to why he preferred to stay in Singapore rather than Japan.

The vlogger stated that he is now focusing on showing more about his wife’s home country, Singapore. He wanted people to learn and understand the country better. “That’s my current objective for obvious reasons” Ojisan mentioned in his August blog. He added that it would be better for him to stay in Singapore for the obvious reason.

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