Quality scores and greater transparency for happier home owners

Quality scores and greater transparency for happier home owners

Until September 2017, people who desired and wanted to purchase units in unfinished property developments had a very slight to go on. Sure, you can go to the show unit, floor plans and artist’s impressions, but that is all about it. You are basically sharing a pretty huge amount of cash, and making cross on your fingers in the hopes that the project turn out well.

With a new search instrument “Search for Quality Housing” that was currently launched on the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) website, however, all that has altered.

Purchasers can now have access to the database of Building and Construction Authority (BCA), which accumulates the building quality scores of contractors, developers and their projects as well. By signing up on to BCA’s website, these purchasers are capable on comparing and searching the excellence of workmanship which diverse contractors and developers have carry to the table.

How are these building quality scores determined? These take into account BCA’s Quality Mark as well as Construction Quality Assessment System (Conquas). The previous transactions with the electrical and mechanical works as well as the structural reliability of the building, whereas the latter involves the all interior finishes such as wall and ceiling finishes, wardrobes , windows, flooring, doors and a whole lot more.

Referring to the new search utility on BCA’s website, the reputable Minister Lawrence Wong of National Development said in a blog post that the Quality Mark and Conquas scores unaccompanied cannot be taken to be precise measures of quality. That having said, they do display the track record of the developer and contractor, which he trusts that many purchasers will take into consideration before buying.

As of the moment, developers’ presence in the Conquas and Quality Mark structures is voluntary. Mr.  Lawrence Wong encourages the developers who don’t have any Conquas and Quality Mark scores to reveal this information openly and completely in their documents.

Separately from using BCA’s search instrument to match the quality scores achieved by definite contractors and developers, purchasers can also see these contractors and developers charge against the business average. Assumed that developers all tend to use the similar platitudes (affirming on their website that all of their projects are of “excellent quality”, as well as that their establishment is “extremely trusted”), having a system that can standard them will certainly attest to be beneficial for the purchasers.