Whitley Residences PoolIn conjunction with the LUSH 2.0 Programme, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has changed the requirements for Singapore strata landed housing to increase more greenery landscaping.

With the new guidelines in place, there will be lesser number of houses in a strata landed development. 45% of the development will have to be set aside for greenery landscaping and communal facilities. This is an increase of 15% from the current 30% land scape. Out of the 45%, 20% of it has to be used for communal facilities like gym, swimming pool, playground etc while the other 25% has to be used for greenery landscaping.

With more greenery landscaping and communal facilities, strata landed housing residents can look forward to a better quality of life. However, with the increase in land cost and land price, yet reduce in the number of units within the development, there will probably be an increase in price.

Whitley Residences, located at Whitley Road is a new strata landed housing that has a total of 61 units. 58 units are semi detached wih 3 inter terrace. Whitley Residences sit on a huge plot of freehold land of about 130,164sf. There is ample swimming pool, hot pool and even has a clubhouse right within the development. Each units will has its own carpark lot. TOP set to be in 2016.