The HDB have the objective which is to build more smart towns, such as in Punggol Northshore. (Image source: HDB)

The merging of HDB estates and smart technologies yields great benefits, claimed by the Housing Board’s CEO Cheong Koon Hean, published in TODAYonline.

For instance, each household consumption of electric power decreases by 60 percent and reduce safe water in 66 percent, and at same time the government slash on manpower by 70 percent.  

While Singaporeans construct additional high end smart towns, it is but significant to impose standards for building such communities. Though  technologies levels up, if these policies have been imposed, household mechanisms can be smoothly added to the system, she claimed.

Cheong announced Wednesday (June 7) at the Urban Land Institute Asia Pacific Summit, “As we try and develop some of these smart towns, we are working to develop standards with the industry… so that all manufacturers will know that if you follow these standards, there’s inter-operability of all gadgets.”

Real estate experts are aware of the existence of various standards and policies for different smart systems from regulating street lights or electric meters to home sensors for the fridge or aircon.

Clement Teo, the Ovum Principal Analyst explained, “It is quite chaotic right now, (so a common protocol) would mean easier data collection, as well as in managing the security of these devices and systems.”

Another concern he brought out is that introduction of smart technologies in estates are anticipated to be more costly due to those old fittings which can no longer be used and must be replaced.

Moreover, it is difficult to convince and win the approval of the homeowners specifically those who have an IT or technology background and those who got finished flats, Gerald Wang of IDC firm added.

He further reiterated by saying, “If people are already living in the homes, then it could be hard to convince them that sensors, for instance, need to be installed. Some homes also might not have broadband. Perhaps rolling it out in the common areas for old or existing estates would be easier.”

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