Teaser Pic - Singapore CBD SKyline Night View

Singapore property is undergoing some recent changes. The city-state’s economic lag has caused various businesses to lay off some of their employees. Additionally, these businesses have also relocated their commercial spaces to more affordable areas. This may raise off some red flags to some investors, but we’ve got some good news for you: It’s normal.

Property prices have dipped since 2014. This trend has been observed to the present. However, the ‘dip’ is considered healthy and helps the Singapore property market become more stable in the near future.

2017: A Time for Both Buyer and Investor

What does this mean for those planning to buy or sell a property?

2017 will give buyers a great bang for their buck. Property analysts have predicted that rents for office spaces will continue to decrease until June. This makes it the best time to try out a commercial space that you’re eyeing. 2016’s home sales surges are going to be a thing this year, basing from the trends the previous years have shown.

Investors don’t have to worry. Bloomberg has suggested that this year may also be the best time to buy property stocks. A study on the price-to-book of property books and STI by Bloomberg show that the market is going uphill. This is attributed to the Singaporean government’s efforts in stabilising the economy.

The Deals that You Shouldn’t Miss

However, it may not be the best time to sell out your physical property. The Singapore property market is still climbing up the economic ladder. It’s best to wait out for better property prices before attempting to sell current properties.

With that, what are your best options for purchasing properties this 2017?

Sturdee Residences: A mid-tier condo unit priced below 1 million SGD, Sturdee Residences is a deal. With the usual luxuries of higher priced condo unit, this classy property has a price tag that you can afford.

Sant Ritz: A magnificent view that allows you to overlook the city? Check. Accessible to the MRT? Check. Near food shops and a golf course? Check. Staying in the Sant Ritz properties is like that of a hotel stay—at a more affordable price. The best part? It’s yours.

The Asana: Looking for resort luxury at an affordable price? The Asana has amenities similar to your favourite tropical getaway. A jacuzzi, yoga room and a number of pools are some of the benefits you can get from this lush property. The best part is that it’s accessible to hospitals, schools, and shopping districts. The Asana is the luxury condo at a non-luxurious price.

A thought to ponder…

The Singapore property market is unpredictable and ever-changing. One moment, it’s at the top. The next thing you know, it’s not doing so well. Therefore, it’s important to grab the chances and opportunities we have while they’re around. From what we’ve learned, keen investors know that they should consider purchasing a Singaporean property now while it’s affordable. Who knows when will be the next time a deal this big appears?