Waterwoods EC

Waterwoods EC

There are close to 1,400 households will have the big chances to enjoy and live in the trending smart-enabled housing developments right in the district of Punggol Northshore hopefully before the last month of the year -December.

Stretching from two projects under Build-To-Order (BTO), Northshore Residences 1 and 2, these flats are wrapped in the so-called “brains” of a high-end smart home – digital powered sockets plus its smart distribution boards.

They said digital built-in fittings allow the owner to turn their flats into such amazing smart homes in accordance with their wants or needs. This implies that any appliance attached to the power source – coffee maker, fan, lamp – can be regulated via mobile apps.

The 1,402 flats in 12 residential housing blocks are the lucky first batch of BTO flats with smart enabled homes sponsored by the HDB.  The owners are excited about getting their keys now.

Punggol Northshore, among one out of seven waterfront developments in Punggol, and also the first-ever in the area to have digital features.

Sensors will be installed to monitor the functions of major real estate services like water pumps, lifts, lighting and garbage collection over predictive maintenance.

Within the project, smart lighting, especially in public areas with little to zero human traffic recognition, will automatically be dimmed by as much as 30 per cent, thus saving 60 per cent of energy consumption.

The digital irrigation system, along with its moisture sensors, utilizes elements like sunlight, rainfall to improve water usage and schedules. This paves the way for water competence and reduced labour- intensive way of keeping the greenery and landscapes within the housing district.

During the previous day,  HDB divulged how Punggol, newest district in Singapore bloomed into a sustainable and smart town since the time immemorial.

It started with  Treelodge @ Punggol, Singapore’s first-ever public housing project painted with environment-friendly amenities.

Full completion in 2010, the eco-precinct holds seven housing blocks with garages and garden spaces around the precinct.

An eco-friendly public housing development, Treelodge @ Punggol was the first in the country to have the features.

The guiding blueprint was to bring as many components of nature as possible, like greenery, wind, daylight, rainfall to boost sustainable, inspiring green living, explained the HDB.

To meet those goals, the car park’s roof was converted into a greener eco-deck and a community garden.

To urge recycling, a centralized shaft for reusable materials was included in every block.

Treelodge @ Punggol, the first housing development that comes with solar photo-voltaic panels placed on rooftops. The energy saved is just enough to light up public areas and lift operations.

From then on, the 169 districts of Punggol have been installed with solar panels, plus 300 more being equipped.

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Punggol acted as the “living laboratory” because it’s the ground for HDB’s test of new technologies and innovation for real estate. If and when the test is effective and successful, then this will be implemented in upcoming projects like Forest Town of Tengah.

More or less there are about 30 solutions imposed and stretched all over Punggol, like rainwater-harvesting approach and dual bicycle holder.

Among those, 22 solutions were implemented outside Punggol like LED lights with moving sensors and centralized reusable chutes.

The smart innovations of Northshore Residences were the reason why Haris Rasid, a graphic designer attracted to this housing development. Together with his wife, they decided to have their dream home only in Punggol, even if it means living far apart from their parents who resided somewhere on the Western side of Singapore.

“The housing project comes with sophisticated smart features thus living in the digital era, where technology dominates, my wife and I have come to decide that we should be the first owners of smart-enabled HDB units,” said Rasid.

The four-room flat in Northshore Residences II has been given finishing touches and by the end of October, they can already move in.

Waterwoods @ Punggol is another immaculate place to own, a place gearing up for smart-enabled amenities. It nestled right in pristine District 19, Singapore. It stretches only about a couple of kilometers from the Sengkang MRT station. Conveniently, the property is a mere 5-minute walk from Coral Edge LRT. Kallang Paya Lebar is less than 5 minutes away.

A short 5-minute drive will bring your feet to Rivervale Mall, Punggol Plaza, Waterpoint and Compass Point. The development comes with easy and convenient access to natural sceneries such as Riverside Walk, My Waterway at Punggol, Serangoon River and Punggol Promenade.

Waterwoods @ Punggol have countless things to offer aside from the newest smart features.