Singapore Johor MRT

The S$1.34 billion ( RM4 billion) Rapid Transit System interlinking Singapore with Johor Bahru in Malaysia is considered practical and do-able contrary to the High-Speed Rail (HSR), that is considered very costly in an amount of S$37 billion or cost RM110 billion, told The Star. 

” The RTS played a significant role to Singapore than the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur HSR that was being terminated already,” according to  P. Sivakumar, the president of Johor Indian Business Organization. 

He is encouraging the authorities to speed up the execution over RTS as expected to help solve the traffic problem in the major highways and around the second link and as much as to lower pollution levels. June 01, Anthony Loke, the transport minister declared to the new government that RTS will not be cancelled.

However,  it slows down the signing of the partnership venture between Malaysia’a Prasarana Bh and Singapore’s Smart Corp unless the project’s feasibility research have been submitted for approval to the Cabinet.

The progress of Jurong’s real estate market went vague right after Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the new Prime Minister of  Malaysia declared last May 28, Monday ” Unanimous decision opted to trash High-Speed Rail (HSR) or High-Speed Rail of Kulala Lumpur.

The two countries together signed a bilateral treaty in 2016 to assume the 350 km giant project, along with Jurong East reserved as the best site for  Singapore terminus. It is expected that travel time will decrease via that HSR, it will take only 90 minutes from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

But bit sad because the recent Malaysian government has the intention of withdrawing the project which  Dr Mahathir stressed that it will be very costly, like S$37 billion or  RM110 billion, though having a whopping debt which runs as high as S$337.9 billion or  RM1 trillion, plus adding insult to injury, the corruption anomalies which reach to 1 MBD.