Parc Riviera is an accessible property located in West Coast Vale.  Current landmarks near the property are the Jurong Country Club, MRT, International Business Park, and the National University of Singapore. All the aforementioned places are a 1.5-2 km walk from the condo.

An artist's impression on Parc Riviera

            The property is composed of two towers. Each tower has 752 units sprawled across 36 stories. Four types of units are available for selection. First, the one-bedroom unit is 463-667 square feet in area. The two-bedroom unit has an area range of 603-1033 square feet. Additionally, the three-bedroom unit boasts 136 units with an area of 906 square feet to 1442 square feet. If the latter isn’t enough, the four-bedroom unit is also available in 136 units. However, it is larger in area, with each unit around 1152-1711 square feet.

            Parc Riviera has a few downsides to it. First, a different project has been under construction in a nearby lot since late 2016. Prospects who are hoping to get a sea view are advised to avoid getting units in the south wing. The said wing may not get the sea view in its entirety.

            However, there are a number of reasons why you should consider this development. The majority of the units are priced below SGD 1 million. In fact, the largest unit—the four-bedroom type—costs a mere SGD 1.5 million. This is a steal, considering the surrounding area of the development and the area of the units.

            To get a better idea of how affordable the units are, here’s a small breakdown of the smaller units. The one-bedroom unit is only $600,000. The two-bedroom unit costs merely $720,000. Lastly, the three-bedroom unit is barely a million—costing only $997,000.

            EL Development, Parc Riviera’s developer, have also promoted the property by offering one-tier prices for the early buyers. This means that whether the one-bedroom unit you’re planning to get is near the top of the building or on the ground floor, is still around $600,000. Just another example of why this is such a steal.

            As of November 2016, 100 units of the Par Riviera development have been sold. There isn’t a reported number yet of the available number of units that are available for 2017. There may be a number of units to choose from.

            It may be worthwhile to compare this property with Lake Grande. Both Parc Riviera and Lake Grande have similar amenities, yet the former is more affordable. Lake Grande’s units have a price range from an estimated SGD 1 million to nearly SGD 2 million. That’s almost double the price of the Parc Riviera units!

            If you’re looking for an affordable and classy condo unit located on the West Coast, look no further. Parc Riviera’s easy on the pocket and spacious units are perfect. The project is expected to be completed by 2020. Until then, contact us and you might just still avail their one-tier pricing.