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Real Capital Analytics or RCA has the authority over the transactions, the trend that attracts real property investment market and the players.

Data played a big role in the business. Per record, more than  $18 trillion real estate deal connected to more or less 200,000 lenders and investors portfolios, and offering subscribers a full macro and micro perception of the selected market, incomparable with other sources.

All over the world, the most powerful, active investors, brokers, lenders and advisors greatly rely on Real Capital Analytics’ one of a kind ideas to create new approaches, source new chances and implement their deals. An industry which ruled since 2000. RCA has gained brand of being a timely and trusted deal data and offering valuable insights on property pricing, trends and capital flows.

Real Capital Analytics (RCA)  ranked second to the topmost active investor around Asia -Pacific, disposing of a total as high as US$4.6 billion on trans-border property development that ran for 12 months up to 2018 second quarter, told the Business Times.

The Real Capital Analytics revealed that often Singaporean investors focused more on Chinese and Australian real estate. As a matter of fact, Singapore’s investment flow in real estate soared as high as 32 percent year-over-year up to US$3.3 billion  – hitting the 4th place as the top cross-border flow around the district.

Nevertheless, investment scheme around the city-state dropped 12 percent over US$7.6 billion due to a less big-ticket transaction.

The number of deals fully completed here is times two to 50, often covers smaller deals in the first half of the previous year.

The Real Capital Analytics credited the bulk of transactions over the fast en bloc sales done in the sector of the real estate industry of Singapore. The said collective sales credited in massive 58 percent or US$10 billion of the total area sold throughout the first six months of  2018. The Real Capital Analytics emphasized that Singapore still holds collective sale transactions in a pipeline which amounted to US$1.7 billion.