Pet Friendly House

When you are buying a house, what are your considerations? The first thing that comes to mind is location: where is the house located, what’s the neighborhood like? If you love nature, perhaps you will give more preference to a location that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you may want something like Bukit Batok, which is tranquil and idyllic. Contrarily, if you work in the CBD, you don’t have time to commute between your home in a tranquil location and the city center, you might consider living in the proximity of business district. Apart from location, home owners may also appreciate other rental features, but when they are buying a house, these features do not take center stage at first.

Maybe you should think about your home differently, not just the location and neighborhood, but also the kind of lifestyle your home will offer. We have analyzed some residential units and created a list of residential properties that are pet-friendly, cooking friendly, and offer wifi. We believe that this article will help you to determine the residential unit of your choice if you want a pet-friendly house, cooking friendly house, or wifi friendly house.


Pet-friendly residential developments

If you are a pet owner, you might be looking for a residential unit that is welcoming to your pet. In order to determine which residential developments in Singapore are the most pet-friendly, we looked at the various units in every development where pets were allowed. The Scotts Tower topped out the list of pet-friendly residential developments. Located at Scotts Road, the Scotts Tower is a luxury condominium. Out of 100 units available for sale in the Scotts Tower, 65 units were pet-friendly. If you are looking for a pet-friendly home, the Scotts Tower units should be your the ideal place.

Apart from the Scotts Tower, we found nine residential developments that have pet-friendly units, they are, The Sail at Marina Bay, the Sound, Nouvel 18, Leonie Condotel, Orchard Scotts, Keat Hong Pride, The Clift,  and J Gateway.


Cooking-friendly residential developments

Cooking demands a lot of time and patience. Cooking is a hard work. Since people are spending more time in their office, they are not into cooking. They prefer to buy cheap take away food or eat in a restaurant.

Since very few people take interest in cooking their own food, developers are reducing the size of the kitchen, these days in the new condominiums, there is no kitchen, there are, kitchenette instead. The developers are cutting the size of kitchens and making the bedroom and living rooms bigger. Many landlords do not have a well-equipped kitchen, some even refuse to rent homes to the people who cook their own food.


Residential developments with wifi

The Internet is something that we cannot live without. When we are thinking about the amenities in a residential unit, wifi takes a center stage.

We are not wrong if we think all apartments should come with pre-installed wifi, whether they are condominium units or BTO flats. If your home does not have a wifi, you can install your own wifi, however, if you do not want to bother with the installation of internet connection in your home, we support you. Based on our research, we can say Pearl Bank Apartments is the best wifi-friendly development in the entire Singapore. The development has best wifi setup in 41 units among 100 units for sale.

Few other developments that come with wifi-installation are Boon Keng Ville, Kampong Ubi View, Tampines Polyview, Toa Payoh View, Toa Payoh North Kallang Heights, Clementi Heights, Jurong East View, and Greenville.

When you are signing a document while renting a house or buying a house, make sure about all the amenities included in the residential units. You should always find out want you are paying for.