Punggol Residences


Artist envisions of the Punggol Town Hub which considers also a childcare centre and hawker centre.

On that site will rise 1,000 Punggol residential homes with 42,300 sq m luxurious hubs that are expected to be launched by 2021, announced after the groundbreaking ceremony.

It showcases a huge public library and a hawker place. The latest Punggol Town Hub(PTH) is expected also to pull all programmes, services and agencies together, the Channel NewsAsia reported.

It will also build a childcare centre and rehabilitate the Punggol Vista CC, which is said to be seven times the size of recent deck CC.

Positioned across Waterway Point, The Punggol Town Hub will stand right after the historical Tunggol Regional Sports Centre. It will directly be fused to Punggol MRT, Punggol Town Square and Sam Kee LRT.

The cycling space around the area will be connected to the huge cycling area of Punggol to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle of the residents.

The moderator of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Grassroots Organisation, Dr Janil Puthucheary, revealed that Punggol Town Hub plays a role of strength and solidarity of the whole community.

Dr Janil Puthucheary said, ” The active volunteers collaborated with various government authorities and agencies for this development, which is a blessing in disguise for partners to install sophisticated amenities and sit down together over integrated programmes to attract more the prospect residents. Together, Punggol would be the best home for everyone.”

With this, there would be a consultation to the public regarding the Punggol Town Hub facilities while still collaborating with stakeholders. The public would be asked what more facilities they needed and their expectations to the project.

Residents told, the development or hub wrapped with high-end facilities under a single roof will ensure a greater comfort and convenience.

The Senior Minister of State for Communications, Information and Transport, Dr Janil, reiterated that “Punggol is a booming place, thus facilities are greatly in high demand.”

Mr Daryl Tan, aged 41 and working under the food and beverage section, pointed out that various amenities provided are just a walking distance from the sports centre and Waterway Point.”This is something that we or the community dreamt for many years already,” he further added.

During previous day’s ground-breaking rites over Punggol Town Square, Chan Chun Sing, the Minister for Trade and a PA executive officer said, he greatly believed that the recent town hub will bring a brand of community identity within residents.

“We can make a house, but to build a home we are calling everyone to do their shares.”