Rio Casa Aerial

The 286-unit development, Rio Casa has been sold jointly for 575 million dollars to the eminent Oxley-Lian Beng Venture Pte Ltd.


Singapore-registered construction company, the Lian Beng Group has placed itself to take benefit of the recuperating private housing market. Above is the joint venture between Lian Beng and Oxley Holdings.

As stated by a statement published by CIMB Research on January 18 (Thursday), the firm has collective 1.9 million square feet of residential landbank here. These consist of a 20% stake each in the renovation of two en bloc sites, specifically Serangoon Ville and Rio Casa.

Furthermore, Lian Beng is anticipated to see bigger helps from its property development support if amounts of private residential developments in the city-state will increase pointedly.

In FY2017, its building division accounted for 37% of its $281.7 million profits. Property expansion made up 31%, whereas its asphalt and concrete business encompassed 20 percent.

The building firm is expected to profit from its 10% stake in the Gaobeidian Township development in China, where prices has gone up in excess of doubled from 4,600-yuan psm in year 2014 up to 9,800-yuan psm in the previous year.

Furthermore, the general cost of Lian Beng’s venture properties has rushed from 66 million dollars in FY2012 up to 704 million dollars in FY2017, producing cumulative fair price increases of $156 million throughout the period.

To further make the most of cultivating soppiness in Singapore’s private housing market, the firm is seeing to follow on its property development support then list it on the SGX-Catalist panel.

This interchange will not only permit the market to precisely measure the cost of its property development division, nevertheless will also allow this business to increase funds autonomously deprived of using Lian Beng’s funds.