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Harrison Food

Harrison Food presents a new freehold food factory at former Harrison Industrial Building. This Food Factory stands as a paragon of modern food manufacturing, boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports efficient and high-quality food production processes. TOP is expected to be in 2027.

The facility is equipped with cutting-edge machinery that enhances precision and productivity, ensuring that every step of the food manufacturing process, from raw material handling to final packaging, meets the highest standards.

Harrison Food Centralize Kitchen

The factory’s infrastructure facilitate the implementation of cold room storage facilities to maintain the integrity and freshness of perishable goods. These storage units are maintained at precise temperatures and are equipped with backup systems to ensure continuous operation.

Harrison Food Factory can be used as cloud kitchen or central kitchen to process sauces, raw food or final food products to be distributed to other outlets or customers. The food factory employs advanced air filtration and wastewater treatment systems, underscoring its commitment to environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance.

Harrison Food Factory offers a comprehensive ecosystem that supports the diverse needs of food production businesses. The factory provides a range of amenities and support services that enhance operational efficiency and business growth. These amenities include loading / unloading bay, backup generator, exhaust and grease trip fostering a conducive work environment for food processing.

Harrison Food Central Kitchen 2

The management of the factory offers a suite of support services, including maintenance, security, and logistics assistance. These services are designed to allow businesses to focus on their core operations.

Harrison Food has advanced surveillance systems and professional security personnel ensuring the safety of the premises. The factory is also equipped with fire safety systems and emergency response protocols to handle any unforeseen incidents effectively. These comprehensive amenities and support services make Harrison Food Factory a reliable and secure environment for food production businesses.

Harrison Food Factory implements eco-friendly practices, such as waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation, to minimize its environmental footprint. These initiatives align with global sustainability goals and demonstrate the factory’s commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.

Harrison Food Factory benefits from a highly efficient supply chain and distribution network, which is crucial for the seamless operation of food production businesses. The factory’s strategic location, combined with its advanced logistics infrastructure, ensures that raw materials and finished products can be transported quickly and efficiently.

Harrison Food collaborates with leading logistics providers to offer reliable and timely transportation services. This collaboration ensures that businesses operating within the factory can meet their production schedules and deliver products to customers on time. The availability of multiple transportation options, including road, rail, and air, further enhances the flexibility and reliability of the supply chain.

At Harrison Food, commitment to quality and compliance is paramount. The factory adheres to stringent quality control measures to ensure that all products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the factory’s numerous certifications and accreditations from reputable industry bodies.

Compliance with regulatory standards is a top priority at Harrison Food. The factory maintains strict adherence to local and international food safety regulations, ensuring that all operations are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Regular audits and inspections by regulatory authorities further validate the factory’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

The area surrounding Harrison Food is well-served by a variety of shopping centers and recreational facilities such as Grantral Mall and Paya Lebar Square, providing ample opportunities for leisure and convenience for employees and visitors. The presence of dining establishments and cafes in these shopping centers also offers convenient options for meals and refreshments during breaks.

Recreational facilities in the area include parks, sports complexes, and fitness centers, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Employees can unwind and relax in these facilities after work, contributing to their overall well-being and job satisfaction. The availability of these amenities enhances the work-life balance for employees but also makes the area around Harrison Food Factory a vibrant and desirable place to live and work.



Harrison Food Location

Located in a prime industrial area at 7 Harrison Road in Singapore District 13, Harrison Food Factory enjoys exceptional connectivity and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for food production businesses. The factory is strategically positioned near major highways and transportation hubs, facilitating seamless logistics and distribution.

The surrounding area is well-developed, with robust infrastructure that supports both industrial and commercial activities. The strategic location of Harrison Food Factory makes it a hub for businesses looking to expand their market reach both locally and internationally.

Moreover, the local government’s support for industrial development has resulted in well-maintained roads and reliable public services, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. The area is also home to a skilled workforce, providing businesses with access to a pool of qualified professionals to support their operations.

Location Map


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Nearby Attractions at Harrison Food

Nearby Transport

  • Central Expressway (CTE)
  • Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)
  • Pan Island Expressway (PIE)
  • Tai Seng MRT Station

Nearby Schools

  • Bethany Kindergarten
  • Maris Stella High (Primary)
  • Cedar Primary School
  • Bartley Secondary School
  • St. Gabriel’s Secondary School
  • Nanyang Junior College

Other Amenities

  • Grantral Mall
  • NEX Shopping Mall
  • Macpherson Mall
  • City Plaza
  • Heartland Mall
  • Paya Lebar Square



Price Guide

#11639 to 1669sfFrom $4.8m+$2,9xx
#21621 to 1650sfFrom $3.5xm+$2,2xx
#31621 to 1650sfFrom $3.4xm+$2,1xx
#41621 to 1650sfFrom $3.3xm+$2,0xx
#51621 to 1650sfFrom $3.2xm+$1,9xx
#61621 to 1650sfFrom $3.1xm+$1,9xx
#71621 to 1650sfFrom $2.8xm+$1,7xx
#81621 to 1650sfFrom $2.8xm+$1,7xx



Harrison Food Floor Plan

Harrison Food 1st Floor Floor Plan Harrison Food 1st Floor (Mezzaine) Floor Plan Harrison Food 3rd Floor (Mezzaine) Floor Plan

Harrison Food cater to businesses of various sizes from a compact 1,600 square feet to a spacious 11,000 square feet, you can select a space that perfectly aligns with your production requirements. The units boast the incredible advantage of ramp-up access, allowing for seamless loading and unloading directly at your unit – a significant time-saver for busy production schedules.

With its focus on functionality, efficient logistics, and a supportive community, Harrison Food Factory empowers businesses of all sizes to flourish. Whether you’re a seasoned food industry veteran or a passionate entrepreneur embarking on your culinary journey, Harrison Food Factory provides the tools and environment you need to turn your food and beverage dreams into a reality.



TOP 10 Reasons Why Buy Harrison Food?

  • Rare Freehold Food Factory
  • Walking distance Tai Seng MRT Stations
  • Well connected to Major Expressways
  • Strategic City Fringe location – Ease of food transportation
  • Good rental demand
  • Spacious and effective layout
  • Modular layout – allowing expansion and flexibility in sizes
  • Numerous good schools in vicinity
  • Near to numerous shopping and dining options
  • Foreigner eligible



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Harrison Food located?

Harrison Food is located at 7 Harrison Road, DIstrict 13 Singapore

How many units are there in Harrison Food?

Harrison Food has a total of 42 food factory and 1 ancilliary canteen.

When is Harrison Food expected top?

Harrison Food is expected to TOP in 2027

Does Harrison Food has loading and unloading bay?

Harrison Food has loading and unloading bay at level 1.

Is there water point in Harrison Food Unit?

There is toilet and water point in every unit of food factory at Harrison Food.

Can use Harrison Food as Central Kitchen?

Harrison Food can be used as Central Kichen / Cloud Kitchen. It is licensed and pre-approved for food processing usage.

Is there Grease Trap in Harrison Food Factory?

Yes. There's Grease Trap in every unit of food factory at Harrison Food.



Harrison Food Project Details

ProjectHarrison Food
Address7 Harrison Road
Description8 Storey freehold food factory at Harrison Road
Total Units42 Food Factory + 1 Canteen
District 13
Unit MixFood Factory



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Harrison Food
Harrison Food

Harrison Food presents a new freehold food factory at former Harrison Industrial Building. This Food Factory stands as a paragon of modern food manufacturing, boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports efficient and high-quality food production processes.

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