Greater Southern Waterfront

After 2030, about 1,000 hectares of land in the Greater Southern Waterfront will be up for the development. Its land area is times three to Marina Bay’s size. How will a Greater Southern Waterfront look like in the future is limited to our imagination? Since the Greater Southern Waterfront is a new episode in our city’s development, we want to provide 6 basic possibilities that the Greater Southern Waterfront will give us. As there are unlimited possibilities, we want to know your opinion on this extraordinary project.

Greater Waterfront - Live, Work and Play

The Greater Southern Waterfront will relocate Pasir Panjang Terminal and the City Terminals to Tuas.  The relocation of Pasir Panjang Terminal will free Waterfront land approximately around 600 hectares and the City Terminals will free 325 hectors. We will have to wait for 10 years for the initial anchorage set around  Tuas Port to come into operation and by 2027, the planned year where  City Terminals would be eradicated.  The areas currently occupied by Pasir Panjang Terminal together with City Terminals will create a tremendous opportunity for redevelopment.

Greater Waterfront - Extend the City


The controversial  Greater Southern Waterfront is so great in size that it will create numerous waterfront districts having unique characters, features, and experiences. The current developing projects are Marina Central and Bayfront areas. Both of these projects are located in the vicinity of CBD. In few years’ interlude, Marina South is the next property development to be introduced. Before it is being applied for long term basis, plans for development are being refined and explored in the remaining areas like Tanjong Pagar, Labrador, and Pulau Brani.


Greater Waterfront - Expand the Network of Public Spaces

No city is great with the absence of famous public areas. without great public spaces. The huge Central Linear Park at Marina Bay could be spread out and accommodated in Greater Southern Waterfront. This will give opportunities for the public to explore the new landscape by taking a stroll from the present day Marina Bay Promontory, along with the improved Central Linear Park, towards the Keppel Channel at the Pulau Brani. Creating the newest pedestrian bloc, which goes angled right in  Central Linear Park, is yet another possibility. This will further improve the public space networks of future city districts. By making this the latest bloc a car-free zone, it paves the way to a lively street interactions and life.

Greater Waterfront - Capitalise on Blue Assets

The reservoirs in Singapore are the main component of Singapore’s desire to become self-sufficient in water. Furthermore, they also offer wonderful opportunities for recreational outdoor activities. Between Pulau Brani and Tanjong Pagar, the advance reservoir will be made by storing rainwater as well as the overabundance of  Marina Reservoir, which is now being thrown straight into the ocean. The prospective Southern Reservoir could fulfill the need for the water reservoir. It could also create impressive canal networks in the neighborhoods, giving life to the streetscapes. Those canals will also connect to neighboring destinations around areas of  Greater Southern Waterfront.

Greater Waterfront - Create a continuous Waterfront

Since the Greater Southern Waterfront has so many interesting possibilities, new ideas for a for everyone to enjoy will open up. What do you think about the undisturbed 30 km distance long waterfronts for cycling, biking, running or walking? You could move, for a unique and wonderful waterfront experience, directly from the amazing Gardens by the Bay of  Marina South and the International Cruise Terminal to Harbourfront and Labrador.

Greater Waterfront - Connect Green and Open Spaces

In order to expand the rising green network around the thickly built city and endorse biodiversity – through a green network – the current green spaces namely, the Mount Faber, Berlayer Creek, including Labrador Park can be connected to the hillock in Pulau Brani. Amidst nature and greenery, this linking will provide unobtrusive movement along these places. A proposed eco-corridor, on the other hand, could provide a continuous ecological connection linking enclave -wide green structure to the Gardens by the Bay, Southern Ridges, and the Rail Corridor. Through the corridor, public areas for the neighborhood programs,  events, activities, and interaction could be embedded.

The 6 possibilities for  Greater Southern Waterfront, presented here are burrowed from three consultancies, via:

  • Greater Southern Waterfront by AECOM Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Greater Southern Waterfront Design Consultancy by Urban Strategies Inc.
  • Sustainable Development Framework Planning and Design for Marina Bay


Some of the new developments to leverage from the Greater Waterfront is 24 One Residences, The Orient @ Pasir Panjang and also The Verandah Residences.

24 One Residences and The Orient is a freehold apartment located at Pasir Panjang, near to Haw Par Villas MRT Station and also near to the current PSA which going to be part of Greater Waterfront City.

Spottiswoode Suites on the other hand is near to Outram and also near the current PSA and set to TOP of the 2nd half of 2017. This development is sitting on a freehold land, high rise and have a good city skyline.