Jui Residences

Is it your dream to acquire a luxurious freehold condo but financial status doesn’t allow that’s is why opted to leasehold property only?

Then jump to Jui Residences of Selangor Dredging Bernad, a well-financed Malaysian developer.

Freehold Condo At Leasehold Prices

A skyscraper freehold condominium comes in 117 -units, buyers can pick a one- to three-bedroom apartments and in different sizes, ranging from as huge as 1,000 sq ft to 431 sq ft, which means $1.479 million to $741,000 million.

A very attractive promo, avail the early bird off of 3.0 percent, you just need to promise to buy the unit the day before it will be officially launched through rendering the LOA or Letter of Approval. You need to secure this document straight from the office of CPF Board if you have the plan to tap over CPF savings for you to avail of your new dream home.

This implies that you are only required to pay more or less $719,000 which corresponds to the smallest flat or unit.

Cheaper Than Other Neighbouring Condos

Such attractive prices are cheaper and affordable compared to the 99-year leasehold condos which are newly launched in the district.

For example, at The Garden Residences of one-bedroom units, were sold at lucrative prices between $870,000 down to $730,000 last month.

One -bedders cost only $818,000 to $730,000 at the Tre Ver while alike units for only $848,000 to $793,000 at Park Colonial. 

Not only that it been said also the Jui Residences units are less expensive than those resale condos around the district.

For instance, at The Poiz Residences, smaller units changed hands approximately from  $835,000 down to  $750,000 for this year alone.

Almost identical are in Nin Residences, which were really moved to $770,000. Properties changed hands in the amount of $828,000 such as the Sennet Residences and only $835,000 for smaller units of Sant Ritz.

Own A Share Of History

The preserved NAW or National Aerated Water physical structure will be merged with Jui Residences, offering incoming owners with a little historical reminders of Singapore’s beautiful industrial past.

Built in 1954, the fascinating two -storey benchmark right at Serangoon Road which served as a thirst-quenching bottling industry which produces the famous soft drinks such as Royal Crown Cola, Sinalco and Kickapoo Joy Juice.

Layout by the top rated British Architecture company, Jui Residences showcases a modern art-deco and minimalist designs.


This is one of the few and greatest reminders of Singapura’s industrial past, the former NAW company or National Aerated Water Company.